Sunday, July 28, 2019

Rotation Seven; Giles

Get ready for some baby spam; Rosa and Lilly are super cute, and these two love being mommas.

It's basically all go in this house right now; I really want to get these girls up to Top Notch toddler if I can - I'm still salty that Beth missed out on it by less than 2% of a skill.

Laice, somewhat unbelievably, is having the time of her life as a momma.

Jeff? Jeff, where you at?

There is no Jeff.

Why does this always happen? I assume this is some kind of bug I don't know about, because half the time someone invites one of my sims out to one of the festivals, they don't show up.

Come to think about it, it might only be the sims living in the city that get invited to festivals in their district that this happens to. I'll have to keep an eye on that.

But while we were down there I figured we'd buy something, so we picked up this cute lamp. Do I know if we actually placed it in the flat? Of course not.

Jeff's here! And either washing the dishes or his hands, honestly not sure which. Either one is equally likely for Jeff.

In Heather's game currently, Jeff and Alec want another child. It's not happening, so he's decided instead he's going to steal Lilly.

It's okay, Alec will make him bring her back.

Apparently Jeff isn't happy with that.

Pure devastation.

It's okay, Mama Lacie is here to make everything better.


Okay, so when she rolled this wish last rotation, I told myself that if she rolled it this rotation, I'd let them go for it.

Obviously, that one came back to bite me in the ass.

In the few rare moments I actually get the twins asleep at the same time, Lacie finally gets time to workout, and Jade gets to eat without someone screaming at her.

Speaking of Jade eating, with Lacie being such a good cook, Jade's developed the "refined palete" quirk.

What a cutie.

A hangry baby does not want cuddles from her mamma, she just wants food.

I'm getting a small issue with the girls; all they do is sleep. They'll eat just before they go to bed, and then they'll sleep until they're starving hungry again. Not sure if that's supposed to happen, or the twins are just weird.

Good morning, Jeff is here!

Sleepy Lacie and a pregnant Jade do not seemed overly enthusiastic about the fact that Jeff is already here at 8am.

And guess who else is here!

Andy doesn't have her own key, but some how she just managed to let herself in anyway. Maybe it's her magical alien powers, or her awesome not-auntie powers.

I've just given up with this lot; they just want to be here and that's okay. At least it's funny for me.

Did Jeff leave? Probably.

Did he come back not long after? Absolutely.

<3 cutie patootie <3

It's go time on the new baby!

Oh thank god, she's a single. And another girl, which is even better!

I called her Yazmin, in an attempt to break the "ee" sound ending names.

Andy's baby sixth sense kicks in and she's here almost immediately after Jade gives birth.

She really is just here to chat with the babies, which is super adorable.

... You're inviting Jade? Man, this boy is trying so hard to impress his bro's wife, it's super sweet.

I hated the original Admiral's Wreckage thing - I mean, it's a cute idea but also no.

I found a restaurant version of the ship on the gallery when searching for something else to put there and loved the idea. So, here we are!

Jeff promptly abandoned Jade as she was placing their order; presumably to use the bathroom or something, but I did have a moment of mild panic.

Apparently Jeff did not have a good time with his food. His husband must have spoiled him with all this fancy food and so a hamburger from a restaurant is just not good enough.

Jade, on the other hand, is completely fine with the food.

Also it turns out that one of the waitresses is a demon. 

I only had Jade introduce herself because with the soft lighting in here I wasn't sure if that was Jack. Clearly, it was not.

Aaaaaaa, I didn't know this was a thing!

The twins are so not happy that they've got a little sibling; which is hilarious because they love her now.

It's Harvestfest! I'm definitely tired of all these holidays back to back; that's going to be ten in a row by the end of my next rotation.

The babies, on the other hand, have no idea what this harvestfest nonsense is all about, nor do they particularly care.

These babas are so cute, and they're actually pretty well behaved, for the most part. 

Nobody's thrown any food on the floor or thrown any uncontrollable tantrums.

Seems I spoke too soon.

Good morning, Jeff is here!

This time he brought friends!

Naturally, he also immediately invades the fridge, because this is Lacie's apartment and that's what Jeff does when he's here.

And they're all oh-so-cute!

Oh, I could've sworn I'd captured it! I had a little popup saying something along the lines of "I need to leave, I have a personal emergency to deal with", which basically just meant that Jeff needed to pee.

Not that he's had any problems using Lacie's bath before, but suddenly the toilet is off limits? Okay, Jeff.

Look at these cuties; too bad Lacie ruins the family picture by being in her work outfit.

And apparently this is the "twins prove Livy wrong" rotation, because now it's Rosa's time to be a little shit.

Lilly likes to investigate people, which is super cute.

Honestly, Jeff loves the babies. Almost as much as Lacie does; which is hella adorable.

He also loves Jade, which is so cute!

I swear, Andy and Jeff are basically like an auntie bro and uncle bro to these little babies, and I love it so much.

Again, at the last possible moment of their rotation, little Yazzie is aged up into this complete cutie! She rolled Angelic, which I'm honestly so damn thankful for. I still have another rotation to go with all three being tots, and if I had to deal with three terror tots, I think I'd go crazy.

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