Monday, July 29, 2019

Rotation Eight; Hendrick

It's Winter! I know it still looks a little bit fall-like in some of the pictures, but that's just the changing of the season, I definitely remember to change it over this time!

Will's still pushing away at that Whiz Kid aspiration; it's the final push for the twins as they're due to age up next rotation!

The fact that you can set off some of the school projects is amazing; I know I wasn't the biggest fan of TS4 when it came out, and there's still a lot of things I miss from TS3, but the packs have really added so much to the game.

It's the first snow of the winter!! I find it adorable that the kids run outside to celebrate the first snow; I take it adults don't do it even though they do get the moodlet (at least none of my adults have), which makes it a super cute child thing.

Will is a giant nerd, who attempts to use his big brain power to blow his sister's tiny mind.

Hanna is also a giant nerd, and she gets so into her bowling game that she gets up out of her seat.

Hanna's sleep schedule is totally out of whack with everyone else's; the twins are on a regular schedule for school, and Jess works quite late so she's a little behind the twins. Hanna, on the other hand, is just kind of wherever.

Yes, Cas. Put tomato tiddies on the snowman. Seems logical.

How to Flirt, by Will Hendrick.

Honestly, how you ended up being Luna's chosen one, I will never know.

These kids are super cute though. I'm semi dreading getting to play Lacie's three girls as kids, because I already find these two adorable; I'm going to be totally screwed.

Hanna's still working on her freelance gigs every now and then (aka every time I remember), but I'm thinking that I might soon plop her back into a traditional career? Honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing with these guys at any given moment; I'm just completely winging it.

Despite being super hot with my popup capturing lately, I somehow managed to miss the one that was Miko inviting Hanna out to GeekCon in the middle of a blizzard.

They tried to make the best of a cold-ass situation, but eventually I think we gave it all up as a bad job and I just sent Hanna on home.

Beth is definitely wingman-ing for her stupid twin brother by inviting Luna over after school.

Will, thankfully, can take the hints his sister is putting down, and he and Luna build a cyclops snowman together.


Luna takes the trash out.

We like Luna.

Winterfest is here! It's time to decorate the tree, because now we've got two kiddos who will appreciate Christmas, so they can actually have their own adorable family Christmas!

At least, that was my plan until the tree caught fire.

Eventually that one burnt itself out, so I replaced the tree and plopped it into the dining room. I tempted fate a little by having the kids decorate the tree, but because I didn't have them light it we didn't have any secondary fires.

Jess, as the master chef in this house (Hanna has also maxed out the cooking skill, but Jess in is in the culinary career so I just let her have that), is the one to be cooking up the Winterfest Turkey dinner.

I managed to get them all even sitting down to eat their meals together - I'm not sure which one of the twins set the table, but I love it.

I didn't get many pictures of the present opening (I remember it being a bit of a palaver), but everyone got something good! I think Beth got a bottle of Bubble Bath or something, and Will got one of those BooBoo Billy doctor playsets.

Father Winter showed up; the twins managed to ambush him for presents, but this time I really don't know what they got.

Urgh, I love them.

I tried to give the girls some time to shine; everything is about the kids at the moment (and it only gets worse going forward) and Jess and Hanna get a little overlooked, screenshot wise.

However, I really can't help it when the kiddos are just this cute.

It's New Years Eve!

Will: Toot toot motherfuckers.

And naturally, for no reason at all and with zero warning, Lacie is here.

Jess managed to get sick in the last hour before midnight, so ended up basically missing the countdown by being in the kitchen chugging orange juice.

It still counted for the event task thingies, but I still find it funny.

Aspiration Summary;
Jess; Stage 4 of Master Chef, two tasks left to complete.
Hanna; Completed stage 3 of Super Parent.
Beth; Social Butterfly COMPLETE.
Will; Whiz Kid COMPLETE.

Rotation Seven; Giles :: Rotation Eight; Hensley

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