Saturday, July 20, 2019

Rotation Seven; Delware

Katy's still vlogging away; she has herself a drone so now she can stream and bank roll those followers and that fame.

Guess who's here again!?

Katy takes her drone on a wet exploration of the city, only for it to go wandering off and stalk Miko.

Why she was sleeping on a bench out here in the first place, I have no idea, but that seems to be common for the Sims I know.

Moira, honey? If it's bear night, I really don't think they'll want two girls down there.

Katy's got to learn a bunch of different skills based on whatever her audition recommends she has; this time round it was level two in guitar!

Honestly, I think Millie thinks she lives here.

She's as bad as Jeff is with Lacie, except with Jeff & Lacie there's no unresolved sexual tension because they both play for the other team.

Speaking of unresolved...

"Perform Romance Scene."

A scene.

If you say so.

Hey Millie? Those goo-goo eyes are making you look gay.

And with that, I gave in to fate and just had Millie move in.

I attempt to pair my sims up with townies so they're not all hand created but... here we are.

Millie's aspiration is Friend of the Animals, so here's their new little one!

Her name is Chester, she's a little tuxedo kitty; curious, playful, and fluffy.

And she's very, very small.

Hopefully she won't be as much as a problem as Whisper turned out to be, because Chester doesn't have to leave the apartment in order to pee.

Millie spends an interesting day playing with Chester and wandering around the city while Katy's out at her audition.

She's as cute as Katy is, and just as chill. I love these two so far.

Why is everyone obsessed with this weird raccoon man? And why is he here?


So cute. So small.

I finally removed the special contacts that were blinding the hair & makeup lady, and now she's definitely able to see.

Doesn't help her get it right any faster, though.

Another day spent as a singing voidcritter, the Vulpes, for the wannabe big star Katy.

It's Harvest Fest again! I'm getting a little tired of having to do these holidays back-to-back, especially when Winterfest comes along next rotation, too.

Either way, these girls had a quiet HarvestFest together, although why I had Katy cook after her flaming disaster in her first rotation.

I truly and honestly didn't intend for them to end up together, but then again, who am I to mess with fate?

I actually intended for Millie to be another gym bunny for Lacie to fall in love with, but Lacie was completely in it for for Jade, that I felt bad about splitting them up, and then even fell in love with them myself.

In true festival style, we show up and Candy is nowhere to be seen.

I also didn't realise/intend for them to end up with the same outerwear jumper, either.


This woman also proceeded to throw up on Katy's shoes over and over again until I told Katy to go home.

Definitely not the kind of thing you want to get yourself famous for, after all.

"Yar har, fiddle-dee-dee, buy your washing powder from me."

Katy attempting to meet this celebrity is hilarious.

You're famous too, sweetie.

Hey Hanna!

Katy was also nominated for two Starlight Accolades, so I followed her there the next day to see if she'd won anything.

Dustin Broke looks completely out of place here, yet he manages to win an award while Katy has to go home with nothing.



Aspiration Summary;
Katy; Stage 3 of Master Actress, all tasks to complete.
Millie; Stage 2 of Friend of the Animals, all tasks to complete.

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