Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Rotation Five; Hendrick

It's Springtime for the Hendrick house!

Also, courtesy of Heather ( πŸ‘€ ) I discovered that Hanna was actually Hanna Hedrick and everything in my life is a lie.

We have a house!! I did freerealestate my way into this house, just because this house was designed by Ant's sister so I didn't really want to change anything (aka remove all of the decor and detailing) just so they could afford the place.

That, and she also uses a lot of cute clutter decorations, so the house prices that are like double what they "need" to be.

I had a big struggle with lighting, which is why a bunch of screenshots will probably look really dark for the first section of this rotation.

Also, toddlers climbing the stairs??? Take THAT Sims 3!

Here's the welcome wagon!

There's the noisy bitch we evicted from the giant apartment across the hall, crazy pancake lady, and both Ana and Katy!

Katy: Oh no, a pooping baby!

Yeah, get used to that.

Honestly, these babies are so freaking cute.

I know you're twins, but that's really not how you use stairs.

Lucy dropped by for a little visit, but only looking at it now do I realise that it's not the Hensley rotation Lucy?

This sent me on a little tweaking of households, just to make sure I didn't end up with accidental clones of everyone.

I did have a copy of Katy running around in just her panties, so that was fun.

Hanna is the biggest kid, but also the best mum.

Hanna is such a goofy goober, and she totally adores her kids. Poor Jess is stuck working late at the moment so she doesn't really get chance to socialise with the babies, but I'm hoping that'll pick up once they become kids!!

Lilith turned up on the doorstep for some unknown reason, and Hanna went out to try and mother her, I guess.

Lilith is also cuter than anticipated, so she might end up dating a Candy&Tara baby  ¬.¬

I know this screenshot looks tragic, but they did actually hug and I just missed it! I couldn't make them hug again as Luna was on her way home after that.

For anyone who doesn't know - Luna is the Paraneighbour baby of Andy and Miko Olsen!

Despite the two cute lil babies, these two still do manage to find time for themselves/each other!

Beth: Dinner, now.

Rosie took Jess out to Ghosts night at the bar, for some reason?

Rosie's diggin' the supernatural nights out!

Hanna spends her childless time at home (they're asleep) playing in the rain and then getting swarmed by bees.

Lacie's here (big surprise!), and Hanna gave her a 'residence key', so they can have some hangout times with Lacie whenever.

You know she had to do it to 'em.

Apparently kids can sit at the bottom of the stairs and not be in the way?

God, while there are so many things I'd change about this game, I do love the fact that their sim walk coding is so much more logical.

Not sure what happened here, but go Will!! Someone's mastered the potty and all his other skills!

Oh look at that, a wild Lacie is already here!

Hanna's chosen spot to read? On her baby's bed.

Cuties are cuties!

Lacie comes back again later, pissed, and decides to wreck the place. Jess tried to calm her down, and she invited herself into the place.

She was immediately ambushed by baby Beth, who demanded cuddles.

Lacie is not the most kid friendly of all my sims, if anything she seemed low-key terrified when Beth came chatting.

Luckily for Lacie, the two of them are more interested in babbling to each other than they are than with her.

Vampy Candy goes a-wandering by one evening, and though we didn't get the chance to chat with her, I couldn't let her leave without snapping a quick picture!

I wasn't super happy with the roof before hand, and as I didn't know what to do to it, I turned it into a little patio for Hanna to paint.

The fact that it overlooks the entire road is a bonus, really.

Wait. Who's crying in the bed!?

I have some questions.

I think Beth was asking to go to bed, or something, when Hanna just scooped her up, took her outside, and plopped her down next to the 



Lacie; "It's karaoke night! Let's go embarrass ourselves!" 

The room is ugly as hell, but this is also so cute!

I also found a wild Andy!

They literally had the time of their lives. It was awesome.

Andy also left before I could get Hanna to sing with her.

I'm not even gonna question this.

They're totally singing Girls/Girls/Boys. Hanna is Pan, and Lacie is Bi but with a large preference for the ladies.

ANDY CAME BACK! Honestly, this first moment where they just stood and looked at each other was... really awkward.


Andy: Oh, I swear what she means

Hanna: What she means.

Andy: At this moment,


(this is what happened, you can fight me)


Both babies have maxed their toddler skills, and also been toddlers for two rotations, so next time we'll see CHILD babies!! I'm also going to re-upload these guys with their corrected name, because I don't give a rats ass if they've always been Hedrick, I'm not having it.

Rotation Four; Lacie :: Rotation Five; Hensley

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