Thursday, January 31, 2019

Rotation One; Hensley Sisters

This is a long post, it seems! I could've split it into two or cut it down, but I didn't want you all to miss out on some of the ridiculous crap these two girls got up to! 

I think the posts for the sisters are going to be longer than the others; they're vampires so they don't sleep, but they're also ridiculously social so keep getting invited out.

And I'm a TS4 noob, so I'm taking pictures of everything.

Their apartment is a little cramped, once they're making enough money I might end up putting them into the giant old lady apartment next door because there are two of them living separately, but we'll see about that!

Rosie is first to the chessboard, even though I put that out for Tara!

Tara; Renaissance Sim
Rosie; Good Vampire.

But hey, she can do what she wants, after all that is the point of this whole thing.

I turned her bat thing off eventually; no idea why she's decided that poofing everywhere in bat form is helpful, but it was giving me a headache.

Hanna dropped by to say hi, but the sisters were too busy showing off to each other to notice.

If I was Hanna, I'd have busted out the popcorn.

Jess invited Tara out to GeekCon, so of course I said yes.

She witnessed some ~action~ in one of the apartments (probably her old lady neighbour; that woman is a fiend.

I got hella intrigued by the working rocket, so sent our busty Vampire up into space to check it out.

She did some trading with space pirates and was then blown out of her ship and rescued by passing traders. All in a day's work, eh? 

The festival ended and magically disappeared while we were still down there, but I didn't notice straight away and came back to find Tara staring at the living statue person.

As you do.

Everyone meets in the hallway as always. Tara seems to really get on with Lacie!

These two are always going for "hug lovingly", they're such cute sisters!


Tara also found Lacie's blood to be delicious.

Apartments are seriously fun in this game!!

And now it's snowing!!

Tara got invited to join the Renegades, and I said yes because I've not really done clubs before, but their first outing was to a pool.

An outdoor pool and a vampire do not mix.

So Tara spent her entire time inside making drinks and bopping along to the music.

She even got to level 3!

And then I realised that all of the adults had jumped ship so Tara was essentially standing at a bar in front of four dancing kids.

I sent her home.

Given the fact that the girls don't actually sleep, I might shake up their apartment a little bit and remove their bedrooms.

I mean, they don't actually need them, right?

Feeling energised after her dark meditation, Tara takes her umbrella for a jog, and then does pushups in the hall while wearing a dress.

And then it's time for Harvest Fest!

Rosie hunts for decorations, and then tries to appease the gnomes(?).

She actually just ends up pissing one of them off, whoops.

Tara makes a Grand Breakfast for the pair of them, despite the fact it's afternoon, so they eat that while talking about what they're thankful for.

While the gnomes spill seed packets all over the floor...

And the horny old lady from next door is getting it on again.

Tara goes over to yell at her, and gets told to fuck off.

I suppose anyone would say that if they were interrupted during 'woohoo', though, right?

Hanna called up Tara and invited her out to a club somewhere, and the entire Hot Ladies club was there!

Also, group dancing has become my new favourite thing.

Nobody's scared of you, Tara, knock it off.

Tara really got good at dancing, it was hilarious.

She also made friends with Candy Behr, and then got a text from Hanna saying "I heard you made friends with Candy! Congrats, she's really cool!"

Hanna is the most supportive friend.

Tara, I love you!

Rosie did come to this, but she was super hungry and grimy, so I sent her home to sort herself out.

Tara got very into this dancing thing, and I'm afraid it's only going to get worse.

Well, better, if you like it!

I wasn't able to steal any Plasma Packs from Rosie's inventory because she'd gone home, but Tara's not a 'good' vampire, so she had no issues drinking from a guy at the bar. 

It was the spice festival on her way home, so we ended up stopping there to sample some of the food!

I'd just placed 'new' Lacie (aka Sports Bro Lacie), and when I went back to Tara, apparently she was in her flat?

I mean, she was outside, but she'd loaded into Lacie's space instead of her own. So I sent her in to say hi!

Lacie's apartment is a bit of a mess right now (I haven't really decided on a style, but I threw in some gym stuff because obviously), but Tara had a good time hanging with her bro.

I also made the apartment more Vampire friendly! The whole thing is now basically just one room, but since they're friends with everyone in the building (fuck you, old sex lady, you're getting evicted next rotation anyway!) and Tara's basically never there when I'm playing her, I figured it didn't matter that much.

There was a spate of problems with the apartment, but Tara solved the mice problem herself, and then the landlord was happy to send an electrician out for the fuse box!

Can the undead even get warm?

Jess came over to hang out with Rosie for a while!

And unsurprisingly, Candy invited Tara out to the harbour side club again!

I might have to hook these two up, they're having so much fun together!

After Candy leaves, however, Tara starts getting her flirt on with this girl!

Also, check out Hanna and Jess, tearing up the club scene together!

Hanna looks so awkward, while Jess looks so at home XD

Candy came back after a couple of hours, and they started chatting together again.

And they exchanged numbers! Pointless, but cute, so I'm gonna keep doing it.

Rosie left for work about ten minutes after Tara got back, so I decided it was time to move on to my next household, Lacie!

Tara has a job as a critic, and Rosie is going to go along the charity path! Neither really made my headway on their aspirations; Rosie has to make five friends, and Tara needs to stop clubbing and start reading!

Rotation One; Jess :: Rotation One; Lacie

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