Friday, February 1, 2019

Rotation One; Lacie

I changed Lacie up a little for her rotation; she didn't really fit the computer geek aesthetic I wanted her for, so I instead swapped her over to the Gym Freak Giles that she actually seems to be!

I also just plopped Jeff & Alec and Andy & Miko into the old lady apartment for some Bro hangout times!

Lacie is now Bro, Dance Machine, Athletic, and has High Metabolism due to her Bodybuilder aspiration!

Jeff is the only one in the hallway when I switch to her, so we hang around for some bro time!

They're going to get on well.

Lacie's apartment is a bit of a style disaster, but I don't really know how to decorate for a dancing gym freak!

She went for a jog, hit the flea market, then came back upstairs to workout some more.

And then went for a run to the Simlish version of Walking on Sunshine!

Then she hung out in the hallway with Alec for a bit!

It was at this point that the welcome wagon showed up, although she was the only sim that it showed up for?

Neither Tara, Jess, or Hanna had a welcome wagon show up for them.

Everyone literally just danced.

Tara showed up after a while, so the Bro Squad threw some shapes together!

"My neighbour"... Jeff, you have only one male 'neighbour', and that is your husband.

And where the hell are we?

Lacie goes the wrong way, and Jeff stops to do push ups.

Oh boy.

They join the Jokesters together, and Lacie spends the whole time trash talking the Pranksters until they eventually win! That gives her $500, a bunch of fireworks, and a comedy mic!

She also gave her Best Bro a key to her apartment, because Bros need to hang out all the time! 
"Come use my apartment as a gym, bro!"

And so that's exactly what he does.


Unfortunately(?) I never got to find out the results of this, because Jeff called her up to invite her to a rave, and I said yes because I really want Lacie to go bust some moves.

However, it did happen to be in the middle of a blizzard, which made things kind of tense.

Surprising no-one, Candy and Tara are also there!


She hits on this guy for like 30 seconds, and then the Dance Party is over, and she bails.

She was really not into this weather.

It's WinterFest!

And Jeff's here!

Lacie cooks a Ham Dinner while Jeff give dance support from the sidelines.

"You can do it, bro! Cook that ham, bro!"

It was garbage, but they both ate it anyway.

Father Winter appears only at lit fireplaces, so Lacie invited herself over to the only apartment with a fireplace in it; Rosie and Tara's!

Rosie was the only one in, so they bonded over WinterFest traditions, including singing together!

Tara came home, and Lacie immediately went out to greet her other bro!

Father Winter turned up, cried for a minute, and then gave Lacie a really cool jazz cat painting!? 

I kind of wanted to hang it up, but it was also worth 1.4k, so we sold it instead.

You have a treadmill right behind you, hun.

Well, one of the couples is going at it, I guess.

Lacie was too busy being super energised to actually care, so I didn't bother going to yell at them to find out who.

"It's game night!" declares Jeff, walking into Lacie's apartment and heading straight to the fridge.

Seriously, these two are best bros.

Lacie also lives off bowls of  that fruit parfait she has there.

After Jeff leaves, Lacie goes on down to shovel snow, for literally no reason at all.

And then nearly freezes to death!!

After some mild panic on my half, I got her back inside and eating some more fruit parfait!

And then Jeff arrived to get Lacie "👏 pumped 👏 up 👏!"

It's NYE tomorrow, so I bought a bro bar for Lacie's apartment in prep.

Jeff loves it.

I sent the bro crew out to a bar, because it was also some kind of dining out day, where food and drinks were free!

Lacie 'bought' a round of the most expensive drink for everyone!

I also found Andy belting out some karaoke in one of the back rooms 😂

It's the bro crew!!

Aaaand then Jeff ruins the group bar shot by going to do push ups in front of the toilets.

Lacie and Bro sing some country karaoke and get booed by some of the locals!

Lacie then goes outside and has a snowball fight with Andy!

Neither of them actually hit the other, they just missed quite spectacularly each time.

I moved Lacie's apartment around, and I'm much happier with it! It definitely feels like a messy gym freak's apartment now! 

Jeff invited Lacie out again, and it's snowing again so Lacie isn't very impressed by the it.

Turns out we seem to be in some kind of classical/jazz bar, which confuses me, but apparently Jeff can get down and dance anywhere, because he's still having a wild time.

I send Lacie home, and she proceeds to go and get down and funky in her own flat instead.

Andy comes over feeling Focused and wanting to have some 'intellectual conversation', but instead they just celebrate the fact that it's New Years' Eve!

They also end up becoming Friends!

Lacie heads over to the only apartment with a TV; Jess and Hanna!

They count in the New Year together, and it's HELLA cute!!

Jess and Hanna also go off and sneak in a lil New Years' kiss, too 😉

I made Lacie's New Years' resolution to be to complete part of her aspiration, and the only bit left here is to workout in the gym!

So, off we go, hitting up Jeffery on the way through.

What the hell, Lacie?

Hanna stops by for a little bit, too!

With two parts of her aspiration complete, the New Year seen in, and a full week completed, an exhausted Lacie trudges off to bed, and I swap over to Jess & Hanna!!

Rotation One; Hensley :: Rotation Two; Hendrick

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