Monday, January 20, 2020

Rotation Twelve; Hendrick

It's winter time for these guys!! University is now out (yes I know, I'm very behind with this whole posting and playing shebang, but such is life and such is me - if you've followed any of my others blogs you'll know this) and so it's time to get going with this thing.

Beth, more unfortunately for herself, ends up having to make her own birthday cake; Hanna was busy cleaning up, Jess was at work, and I wouldn't trust Will as far as I can throw him. Which isn't very far at all considering that he's virtual and doesn't actually exist.

Those are... a range of facial expressions that fully sum up this family.

So here they are - the first set of dork babies, named after pirates. How very apt.

Beth picks up Ambitious, adding to Self Assured and Outgoing, and Will picks up Romantic, along with Geek, and Cheerful.

I'm back to being my typical slacking self and forgetting to get screencaps of the invites - but Cassie invited Beth out to a bakery/coffee shop.

I decided a little while ago that somebody was going to marry Cassie, and these two get along so well? They're super adorable, and their colour schemes match/clash so well!

Cassie left fairly quickly, so I had Beth invite out Jack and break up with her.

Beth's very much a good, charity career focused sim, whereas Jack was all mischief and chaos. Maybe they don't mesh as well as I'd hoped.


I love happy texts, they're so useful in getting sims to ask out your sim.

These two are honestly killing me; they're both freakishly super smart, and yet have a combined IQ of 6 whenever they're together.

Will: Hey look, there's this interesting science piece. I'm a great boyfriend!

Well, it's about time! These two are already married in Heather's save - in an adorable beach wedding, I might add - so I figured that it was finally time that these two caught up to her!

Hopeless, the pair of them.
Well, at least they have each other.


The first snow is here! I didn't get many pictures of it, but Hanna kept jogging out to the back of their house and off into the woods in order to shovel snow.

Beth and Cassie also went on their first official date this rotation; it was very sweet.

And a little weird, because it turns out Beth has an identical twin who works as a waitress!?

I am... beyond confused.

But the two do share their first kiss, so despite the creepy clone thing, the 'date' is a success!

I then send them off to the library (I think I was struggling with glitches at the time, so restarting the game sent Cassie home when I wasn't finished socialising with her yet) where they make themselves official girlfriends.

Will and Luna take a quiet and quick trip to the Fountainview rooftop cafe, which has been sitting in this save for weeks but nobody's touched it yet.

When I switched back to the household, I found Hanna looking like she'd just won a fight with this poor random girl??

I have no idea on the context for this, but it's hilarious.

For the love of God, Will, what the hell is that face about? And Luna, why are you into it!

Winterfest comes and goes, everyone has a good time and gets decent presents, but I didn't bother to document it too closely as it's one of many and largely uneventful.

But what isn't uneventful? A wedding!

When the notification that the romance festival had started popped up, I thought fuck it, they've already had one gorgeous wedding so they don't need another one out of me.

I'm lazy, but also really like the idea of these two going "aha! let's get married right now!" only to have their families complain at them because they didn't throw a proper wedding.

It was officially way too bright, but also very sweet and adorable.

All partners are also now offically moved in! I'm planning to send Will, Luna, and Beth to Uni, but not Cassie as I have ~other~ plans for her.


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