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Rotation Eleven; Giles

This girl has really gotta get a move on and start writing her rotations; I haven't even sent any of my kids to Uni yet and the next pack is about to release!

So we're starting out with more birthdays!

In the interest of catching these girls up to Will and Beth, the twins get aged up a rotation before I'd originally planned, because I want to send them all to University together / at the same time.

It's a bit of a mess, but I spaced the kids out way too far and have ended up with massive gaps between the first and last kids, so I'm trying to bunch them back up.

I have a spreadsheet and everything.

Rosa, the little sweetie, picks up Art Lover on top of Creative, so she's staring down a path of arts and music!

Lilly picks up Good, which lines up fairly perfectly with Outgoing and the Incredibly Friendly trait she has from childhood.  

Everyone's super cute.

The Moore's aren't the only ones with a new house this rotation! I figured with the girls now being teens, it would be so much easier for them all if they just had some space, which wasn't really possible in their apartment; in any apartment, really. 

I could've put them into one of the bigger apartments or penthouses, but I just didn't really feel that for them.

A couple of the rooms aren't really finished yet, but as I had no idea what to do with them I just left them empty. I figured that as I played through the rotation, I might come up with something I could use the rooms for.

As for the upstairs, it's just bedrooms. Jade has her own studio room for her blogging/recording, and that's just about it. I forgot to fill in the second bathroom before taking this screenshot, but it's done.

Lilly's room is in softer shades of pinks and purples as I see her as a more gentle sim, with a mirror to practise her charisma as that's the best skill for her traits.

Rosa got a darker, decked out artsy cave of her own; I don't have an electric guitar for some reason so she had to put her acoustic down in front of the amps. We'll pretend it's an electric acoustic for the sake of the aesthetic.

I really, really like their rooms.

Yazzie got a fairly basic room; as a child with only one trait - cheerful - she doesn't really have an overwhelming amount of personality for me to decorate with.

It also doesn't help that she spent the entirety of her first child rotation on vacation, so I really didn't get any personality out of her there at all.

With a new house, Lacie finally gets another shot at having her dog, this time a golden retriever called Bacon.

I gave them the Bracing Breezes lot trait (along with convivial and great acoustics), so within minutes everyone is inspired to start exercising.

Jade heads over to the Flea Market for a reason that I can't actually remember, and Yazzie runs over too to fulfil part of her aspiration.

I love them. Lacie's rounded cheeks have very much travelled down into the twins!

Yazzie stayed out at the market all day; River turned up at one point, unsure why, but she whipped out a piece of cake to munch on while chatting with Yaz.

Rosa finally gets a chance to take a crack at the guitar that's been stashed away in her room; I know I went quite heavy on the painting side of the arts for her room's decoration, but I've actually given her the musical genius aspiration.

Hanna did the painter aspiration, and I because I haven't done the music one yet (in this save, anyway).

The very back room is now an office for Jade. She technically now has two offices, her vlogging room upstairs next to her bedroom and now this room down here. But as the vlog station doesn't actually count as a computer she has to have another one to be able to do her job.

After having Bacon in the household for only two days, it turns out she's the neediest of dogs ever; I don't know if she's glitched or something but she's always unhappy, and even with five Sim I can't keep up with her.

She's still cute, though.

All these siblings get along too well; Will and Beth I can understand, they're weirdos raised by weirdos - these guys were supposed to be normal!

Glitched she might be, but Bacon is so cute.

Rosa helps Lilly with her project, and Lilly helps Rosa with her project.

Super Siblings!


Rosa: Anyway, here's Wonderwall.

Me: beating a dead horse with that joke, but I'm still using it.

How to Woo Your Wife, A Guide by Jade Giles: sing to her while she takes her early morning swim.

Also dance with her dog, because she'll really love that.

Poor Lilly comes home stressed, frustrated, and sweaty. But she's gotta jog off those pesky hormones, so off for a dirty jog.

Sam and Beth come home with Yasmin and Lilly respectively, and end up just spending the entire afternoon chatting on the front porch.

It took Jeff a little while to find their new house; I think he probably got lost on the way over and ended up wandering around in the Arts district for a while until somebody told him they'd moved.

Elsa came over for a while and ended up mostly just chatting with Lilly the entire time.

I gently nudged them towards a little flirting; I've considered Elsa as a partner for one of the twins pretty much since they were kids, but I really don't know who.

Yazzie bonds with her Momma while she works, while Rosa plays guitar in the kitchen.

Lilly comes in to make pancakes while Rosa's still jammin' away.

They love each other so much, it's adorable.

Jeff's here again! Now he's found his way here once, he's now freely able to turn up again whenever he likes.

Bacon (or possibly dogs in general?) is well and truly glitched. I have no idea what's even happening to her anymore.

I think it was around this point that I ended up having to delete her :/ I didn't want to, but she was stressing me out something crazy and I just couldn't keep her happy.

It's party time! Now that Rosa and Lilly are teens, it's time for them to hang out with the rest of the teenagers!

It's also Halloween, so I really should've just thrown them another costume party instead of a random pool party gathering. Either that or actually gone through and changed up the club activities to something more suitable.

Which almost immediately derails into unbridled chaos; fire and an autumn dip in the pool.

As the club leader, Morg goes around and welcomes the new girls to her club; they're also neighbours now so they're likely going to see a lot more of each other!

The 'party' gathering goes on into the evening; I really need to change up what their club activities are, considering next rotation it's going to be winter.

Yazzie decides to dress up as Yoda for her Halloween costume, and while she's not the only one

Lacie is the first to pull any pranks, and poor Rosa falls victim to it.

Jasper, for some super bizarre reason, hangs around even after the gathering is over and ends up getting his dance on with Lacie, who decided to dress up.

Oh, and then Yoda comes to pop and lock as well.

Jasper takes a moment to look and be confused, but then decides that a dancing Yoda is the least of his problems and carries on dancing.

Oh sweet mother above.

I wasn't planning on aging Yasmin up this rotation, but it was the final day and she came down as a bear.

I decided that on no uncertain terms was I having that shit, so I aged her up that night.

Rosa is clearly super enthusiastic about it.

Took me ages to decide on the hair I wanted for her, but I ended up going with a full University look!

Accidental, but cute.


You okay there, Lils?



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