Monday, November 11, 2019

Rotation Ten; Giles

We start this rotation off with Yasmin's birthday! 

Everyone is super behind Will and Beth with their ages, and because I want to send them all to Uni (ambitiously, of course) I really need to work on catching them all up and try closing the gap between all my idiot children before I turn aging back on.

And everyone's apparently super hyped about said birthday.

Oh she's adorable! She picks up the cheerful trait, so I give her the rambunctious scamp aspiration to start her off.

Also, since Morgana completed all of the child aspirations, I no longer particularly care about completing them? This whole thing started out as a way to explore all of the aspects of TS4, so now I've done all of the aspirations it seems kind of pointless to do them again unless I want to bonus traits.

But there's definitely been a lack of vacationing, and since this is an aim to test stuff out; off we go!

Lilly hauls her violin out of her pockets and begins scraping away, which is probably half of the reason Lacie goes jogging.

Lacie jogging around the campsite: LET'S GO LESBIANS, LET'S GO!

You're pan, but the point stands.

I originally planned for this lot to stay in one of the fancy lakehouse type cabin houses, but there was a tent in the backyard and Jade just beelined straight towards it, shocking me entirely.

Every time I think I have her character down, she throws me a curve ball.

So I packed them back up, and shipped them off to the campsite instead, so Lacie abandons her lesbian hunt and cooks a plate of burgers.

Everything starts off sunny and warm, with good and cute wholesome family time!

Jade is naturally dressed thoroughly inappropriately for camping in the woods, but she seemed to be having a good time anyway.

But then on the first evening everything went to shit.

First of all, Lacie stops mid woohoo to get struck by lightning, as one does.

Me too, Jade. Me too.

Jade falls in mud not once, but twice, and none of the kids are particularly impressed by that.

Rosa was apparently the most upset by seeing her mother fall in the mud, because she then tried to mop up the mud puddle that had formed over someone's paint mess.

Probably her own.

Jade also tried to mop up a puddle, but that's not surprising because she's a Neat freak.

The girls are all super cute, which I, for one, find really unfair because how am I supposed to pick a favourite if they're all lovely!

Yazzie did a lot of hiking;

Lilly did a lot of laying in the dirt (a mood);

And Rosa dedicated most of her time to her creative pursuits, be they learning the violin or pouring paint all over the place.

I did buy a waterslide at one point just to try and liven things up a bit, but everyone was just so wet and miserable, and scared of the thunderstorms, that I decided fuck it.

But, these guys were getting their family holiday this rotation even if it killed me (or one of them, but preferably not that), so I decided to download a mod for it.

So I sent them to a "static caravan" I built, and let them have the remains of their summer holiday in Sulani.

The first thing all three girls did was find themselves some breakfast; Rosa and Yaz went for the sensible option of froot loops/lucky charms/cheerios, while Lilly decided to grab herself some peas.

And then Hanna and Jeff turn up for some reason??

Jeff is immediately ambushed by Lilly (uncle Jeff how did you get your muscles so big!?), and Hanna has apparently only come along so she can vent her frustrations on somebody else's family.

Sunbathing in a hoodie and jeans, how very Jeff.

Hanna decides to relax on Lacie and Jade's holiday by painting, while Jade and Lilly cloud gaze together.


Lacie, naturally, goes for a jog.


Jeff's here to play in the water too! He's such a child and it's so accurate to his own game.

Sending these guys to Sulani was definitely the best choice for their vacation, they're adorable together and very cute. An adorable family of girls!

Yazzie: Really? Right in front of my salad the TV?

These two didn't get much time to be alone and ~romantic~, so I'll have to make it up to them when they get home. 
But hey, once you have kids - especially three kids - holidays become less about you and much more about them!

Andy also showed up for a little while; she chatted to the girls and briefly to Lacie before heading on home. A little weird, but cute nonetheless.

Hanna showed up again the next day, so they decided to include her in a beach front water fight! It was largely uneventful so this is the only screenshot I took of it.

Then it was time for another dip in the water, Lacie and Rosa showing everybody what's what with their beefed up swimming ability.

This started out as what I thought was a cute holiday picture of Jade; eating spaghetti on the over-water terrace, the typical bikini and sunglasses shot.

Until I noticed Lacie dozing on a stolen boat in the background.

In true Lacie style, once she woke up from her impromptu water nap, proceeded to continue stealing somebody else's boat.

I'm also fairly sure she ran over a few swimmers in the process, but we'll overlook that.

Honestly, this was a really cute holiday and a really cute idea for them! However they'd technically spent so long on holiday already that they were starting to get homesick, so I let them go home early.

It was some kind of holiday when they came back, so the girls all just started throwing confetti and popping canons the second they got back into the hallway.

And naturally, Jeff is here the second they get back to greet them and workout with his bro Lacie!

Jade's been getting career opportunities for ages; people wanting to hire her at level 4 or so because of her celebrity status, and while I was holding out for the blogger one to come back up, when she got offered level 5 of the Style Influencer career, I figured why not!

So, Jade is now a Style Influencer, and therefore a style & beauty blogger!

Honestly, I really like Jade. A lot more than I thought I was going to.

Yazmin has a friend over, one of the boring Bjergsens, but Elsa is actually pretty cute so I might consider her as a partner for one of the girls if any of them like her enough!

Hanna's also here again for no reason, so Jade takes the opportunity to ambush her about style.

Probably not the best person to talk to, when you consider she's been wearing those leggings since the game released...

Jeff also came over for a hug.

AND here's the release of the mosquito (yes that is intentional) stuff pack!

I ended up sending the girls downtown to a photostudio I nabbed from the gallery for a quick photoshoot to test out the pack, and I have to say the poses are kind of lame but you get some awesome shots.

Still cute, though, and having different sizes and frames is awesome.

I'm not entirely sure why, because these screenshots are from August, but I sent Jade to a bar somewhere for a little 'Celebrity Time'.

Surprising absolutely no one, Hanna showed up to support her while she practised her singing in front of a less than enthusiastic crowd.

I love these girls so much, they're all so cute!


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