Saturday, November 16, 2019

Rotation Eleven; Hendrick

A shortish update for the Hendrick clan today as it's mostly just dates, and a dinner party. 

My keyboard is also on its way out at the moment so I'm getting a lot of multiple keystrokes; I've tried to catch most of them, but I'm afraid I've probably missed a few.

Will is only ever in two moods; flirty or sad, and today is clearly a day for sad.

What a true teenage boy he is, either depressed or horny.

He's also developed a fondness for chicken nuggets, and only chicken nuggets.
I read somewhere that either the November patch or Uni would make chicken nuggets available to more than just toddlers, except Will's been eating chicken nuggets since August.

So apparently the game thinks Will is a toddler.

It's not wrong.

With the Mosquito update bringing the ability to photo frames on tables, Hanna and Jess have a framed photo on their bedside table.

I really wish I'd been able to throw them a proper wedding, they could've had some super cute photos. But hey, I have their two kids to take cute photos of!

I'd love to throw out some organised "Will's pulling his grades up in prep for Uni!!" things here, but we all know that's a big fat lie because I played this before Uni was even leaked.

I do love this family so much, honestly.

Beth comes home one day with some out-of-control teen hormones, so she took herself out for a jog only to come across this very strange alien man amusing himself in a pile of leaves.

You do you, friend.

Jack shows up for a quick kiss on the doorstep from her girlfriend, before heading inside to get a snack.

She then takes a quick jog around the neighbourhood before returning to kiss her girlfriend some more, only for the pair of them to be heckled by whoever the fuck this guy is.

Thankfully, the girls give no shits and are not deterred by him.

It was also at this point that Will and Luna got to go on their very first real date! In my game, anyway.

 Fudge Someday is a Heather of Paraneighbours creation, and also where these two had their first date in her game too, which is why I think it's cute that Luna invited him there.

Urgh, pastel cuties.

Will is very excited by the imminent arrival of food.

I did have to modify the restaurant slightly, because at the point of downloading it I didn't actually own the cool kitchen stuff pack which was semi necessary in order to make this place the ice cream parlour it was supposed to be.

Luna has a super cute reaction to her tart-thing, and Will looks super pleased with himself for that. Good boyfriend doing a good job on his first official date with his alien girlfriend.

They have an adorable date being disgustingly in love pastel dorks, until Luna had to run off - I think she went to work, or some other such reason.

Even though I don't have all that many pictures, it was very cute.

It's Bonfire Night! This one of the 'new' holidays I've set up in the game; all they have to do is launch fireworks, gather at a bonfire, and tell stories.

Naturally for this lot, it's largely a disaster to begin with; all the fireworks go off while Jess is missing and Hanna's not paying the slightest bit of attention, and it's near impossible to get them to all sit down around the campfire to tell stories.

Then again, they may just be remembering their first ever attempt to tell campfire stories;

And after that... interesting bonfire night debacle, Jack calls up her girlfriend for a date to one of my favourite random gallery finds ever.

Beth, that's the single most awkward smile I've ever seen in my entire life.

Jack; checking out her girlfriend over the top of her menu.

This poor waitress, desperately trying to take the girls dinner order while they pretty much just ignore her and flirt.

Or, maybe the waitress just likes hanging around while the customers at her table flirt over their dinner.

I'm not sure what happened in the middle of the date, but it's just very Jack to whip out a noisemaker in the middle of dinner at a restaurant.

Beth, queen of the awkward selfies.

Rosie still desperately wants to be involved in the Hot Ladies Association now that I've booted her, but showing up on random people's doorsteps is not really the way to go.

Ariel also shows up for no reason, feeling sad. I can't tell if this is Ariel trying to test her sister's horny boyfriend, or if she just needs a new person to listen to her bullshit dramatics.

Ariel: what exactly are you doing with your face
Will: here comes the smoulder

Luna, somewhere at home: Will's somewhere practising his sexy face, isn't he

In actuality, I think Ariel actually just heard about Jess's upcoming dinner party (probably through Luna) and invited herself over under the pretence of being sad and wanting to talk to Will.

Ariel: oh, you're having a dinner party? what a coincidence! looks like i'll be staying for dinner! 🙃

Aside from Ariel inviting herself and Candy showing up in a bad mood, everyone else turns up and the party gets underway!

Surprisingly, Jess's dinner party is a success; I can't remember if she got a gold or a silver, but she did manage to serve her 3 gourmet dishes so it was a success in my book.

Also everyone standing around in the kitchen was super cute.

Beth, the adorable good child that she is, is the only one who clears up plates after everyone has left.

Jess, wired and awake after the success of her party, sits down with her wife to tell her all about her cooking.

Even though Hanna was there, and also lives here.

I realised that despite bowling night stuff having been one of the very first packs I ever bought (I think in the City Living bundle?) I've never actually used any of the game play!

So Will & Luna and Beth & Jack get to be my bowling guinea pigs.

Beth just isn't really that great, but I also think I've done a horrible job of managing whatever the hell is going on, mostly because they just keep swapping lanes?

Also the lighting in here is kind of janky, so I think I'll just find a new bowling alley and try again some other time!

Will had fun, at any rate.


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