Monday, November 18, 2019

Rotation Eleven; Hensley

It's been a little while since I played this rotation so there's probably a lot I don't remember, but I'll try!

I start by sending Tara and Candy out on a date; I have Candy set on the soulmate aspiration for the moment although she won't get to keep it because it's also Luna's aspiration.

Their first date attempt takes place in a kitty cafe, but naturally that goes horribly as there's so many people trying to cram themselves in here, including the now-abandoned Katy and Millie.

It was nice to see them, they're both so sweet.

With the mess that was the cat cafe, I decided to send them over to a pizza restaurant instead! The Alto's were also there; I recreated them from TS3 as Holly was one of my favourite NPCs, and the whole Alto family were pretty iconic to me. 

They've been in the game for ages, looks like they finally decided to show up in town. Clearly, they've gone out for a meal to tell Holly what she's doing at Uni.

Tara nabs herself some mint choc chip icecream for desert and Candy orders a slice of apple pie, which she inhales while her wife suffers with mint icecream induced brain freeze.

Candy also manages to suffer with food poisoning before even actually leaving the restaurant? 

Jess and Hanna also showed up for their own date while Tara and Candy were out.

At one point Jess got up and just produced a million baked potatoes from her pockets, as you can see on the wall and the table in front of them.

Jade and Lacie also showed up, sitting at this very awkward table. 

I feel like their orders are also reversed; wine and salad is more of a Jade meal than a Lacie meal! 

Not gonna lie, I have no idea why Morg's in Sulani.

I think perhaps she was supposed to be throwing a party, but that this was back before they patched the problem with events in Sulani so nobody showed up? 

So she went home and mopped the pavement outside in her sadness. 

Following that incident, Morg invited everyone out to Planet Honey Pop instead!

I had Morg and Polly exchange promise rings, as I definitely plan to keep these two together and I thought it would be a super cute thing for them to do.

Will/Luna and Beth/Jack however, go running off the second they arrive, deciding instead to go and make out in the middle of the district.

Morg and Polly aren't deterred by the fact their friends have ditched them, hitting up the arcade machine for a little while before naturally gravitating over to the karaoke machine.

OOF, I love them.

Naturally, because we're at the karaoke bar, Andy shows up to show everybody how it's done.

She is a karaoke Queen, and we stan.

GeekCon is also on while Morg and Polly are hanging out, so they head over together to ~go for a ride~

Morg's aspiration requires her to throw a certain number of parties (I think it was three?), so everyone's here to party at Morg's place. 

I'm not entirely sure if Morg actually knew Ariel before this moment, and that she didn't just tag along to the party with her big sister and then tell everyone a dramatic story about her life.

The girls went out earlier to play basketball for some reason, because that's a totally normal thing to be doing at a party, so now all the girls are dressed in their sports gear and the boys are dressed for a party.

Cas and Will are definitely dressed for different parties, though.

Jasper, looking good.

Morg starts prepping dinner for herself just as Tara finishes her meal, which is some poor planning between the two of them.

Oh look, Jeff's here! He was totally invited and definitely isn't here just to check on his kids!

He's got to chaperone his daughter, I guess.

Lacie's also here for no reason, and is clearing up all the plates left behind from the multiple BLTs and god knows what else for god knows what reason.

Tara and Candy are a little neglected so far (minus their date), but they're just here living their lives as they do.

It's also time to take on the second party of the rotation; a bonfire party with the selfie taking dorks on the other side of the hedge.

With Realm of Magic out I gave my girl Cassandra a little clothing upgrade to make her a little more witchy. I did also give her the 'strong bloodline' hidden trait, because despite not being active spellcasters, the Goth family definitely have a strong magical bloodline.

After a while the party migrates away from the bonfire and over to the pool and barbecue instead. Jasper busts out some dance moves, while Beth and Luna bond over poolside hamburgers. 

Cassie, trying to perform a seance?


I see you there, Beth 👀

Idiots, the lot of them.

Both Will and Luna were very determined to keep the fire going throughout the entire party, often wandering back round to throw extra logs on.

Next evening; it's halloween!

Three of them all came in the same costume, though Ariel naturally had to pick the blue llama costume in order to stand out.

Jasper shows up for all of thirty seconds; the indignity of being dressed up was just too much for the poor angry boy and he left pretty quickly.

Polly was dressed very appropriately as the bounty hunter, and Cassandra donned the scariest costume of all; retail employee. 

Cas also came dressed as a bear, which prompted Heather to remark, "cas you're a twink buddy"

Beth and Will also came as an Astronaut and a retail employee, respectively, and the two yellow llamas are Jack and Luna.

Morg donned the same costume as Jasper, which was less of a problem that I'd assumed by the fact that Jasper left almost immediately after arriving.

This party didn't last super long, but it was just amusing to see what everyone came dressed as.

Everybody dressed up again the next day, the halloween event day itself.

And naturally, Polly and Lacie are both here.

This was the perfect holiday to play with this household, they basically spent the entire time dancing and pulling pranks on each other. 


There were a couple of Trick or Treaters, but it was a disappointing amount. Hopefully there will be more next time!!


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