Thursday, October 24, 2019

Rotation Ten; Moore

I am absolutely desperate to get out these updates so that I can start playing again!

Sam starts this rotation off by being a little terror; it's storming a lot here at the moment so most of time the babies are tense, angry, or sad, meaning they're like

It actually seems that everybody is tense, angry, or sad, with the exception of Sophie, because Sophie is impervious to weather.

Lucy is trying really, really hard to bond with her bees, but they're not her biggest fans. They're still attacking her whenever she's in the greenhouse, but she'll get there eventually.

All that's happening in this house right now is kiddo watching; River ages up next rotation so she's on her last push to max out all her toddler skills, and Sam, well, he's a wild tot so there's that.

Having a Wild toddler and an Independent toddler is simultaneously the best and worst thing; they're both crazy and hard to control, but it's hilarious, especially when they both go wandering around the garden at the same time.

It's hard to keep track, but they're both such characters.

Sophie's out at the fishing spot behind their house a lot - it does leave the babies unattended because Lucy's usually asleep, but both of them are still nearby if the tots get themselves stuck somewhere or need help.

But they're pretty good babies; as much as they love to go rogue, they're also pretty easy to manage without supervision.

With Lucy working out on Sulani all the time, I decided to take the opportunity to send the rest of the family out for a beach day too!

Sophie beelines to the nearest towel to have a nap in the sun, while the kiddos build sandcastles together nearby.

It's super cute, even if Sam is  wearing winter boots in the sand.

Sophie wakes up from her nap and jumps onto the swings; the babies are happy occupying themselves with the sand, so she gets to be a kid a little bit herself. 

Having changed the tots into something more beach appropriate, they both plop themselves down side by side in the surf

Turns out that these two are super adorable together and I love them so, so much!

Best siblings <3 

Lucy and Sophie pretty much just leave their babies to their own devices, which is probably wise because they get super mad when you try and get them to do what you want them to.

Including them getting them into the bath, eventually.

Honestly, they're just too hard to control! Being independent and wild just means I spend 90% of my time watching these two to make sure they don't go running off a cliff or get electrocutedd 

I really wanted to have a toddler playdate at least once in the first generation of these guys, and I was naturally running out of time, so decided to plan one with Yasmin!

Only to discover that neither Lucy or Sophie has ever met Yasmin.

Nobody's actually interested in playing with Yazie, and for some reason Rosie turns up and tries to play pirates with Sam.
Trying to stay involved, clearly ;)

Naturally, as is par for the course with Sims, things began to descend into chaos.

Though I'm not sure if that is chaos or just parenting.

But the weather's crap and everyone is pretty miserable, so I pack it all in as a bad job and send them all home.

Arriving home, Sophie doesn't even make it up the steps before she slips and lands in the mud.

And less than thirty seconds later Lucy does the exact same thing.

I think this is my second shot at the toddler playdate, this time at the beach where the weather is not shitty.

These children are all so precious, and I love them.

The three of them stand around for a while and chat together, which is super adorable!

While the babies were chatting the adults lit their bonfire and proceeded to try and have their own time, only for Sam and River to beeline in on them and start talking to strangers instead.


Sophie's fishing spot was apparently blessed by a mermaid? I think that's what the sparkles mean, though I've no idea what buff it applies. That being said, Sophie's now only two fishing skill levels away from completing her aspiration!

God,, I just can't deal with how cute these two are

Oh hey, Luna's here!

Well, this is totally normal.

Poor Luna.


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