Friday, August 30, 2019

Rotation Ten; Hensley

Poor Tara and Candy get pretty neglected this rotation, but prepare to spend a lot of time with Morgana and all of her bros. 

This rotation is a hearty summer rotation; I changed some of the club activities to 'water fun', so I could encourage them all to get into the pool.

Almost immediately, Morgana calls everyone over for a club gathering. She's already halfway through the Leader of the Pack aspiration, so I kind of just let the gathering run to see what weird things everyone would do.

Candy, believing she's still young and hip, decides to sit down and try and bond with everyone.

Jasper almost manages to set himself on fire within the first five minutes, so I switch to him and make him a master vampire so we don't have any accidental bursting into flames.

Morg is the first one into the pool, no real surprises, and cutie Beth plops herself down to join Morg for a chat.

Luna, just getting down at the club party in the background.

Clearly, they're made for each other.

Also Beth is sat a truly unfortunate place.

I only took this picture because it was at this point that I remembered that Tara and Jasper are technically half siblings?

Tara is Caleb's daughter, albeit from another save. Jasper is also Caleb's kid, so they're half siblings, right? So that means that Jasper and Morgana are uncle and niece?

The sun goes down and the kids are still dancing, possibly on the most photogenic lot of them all.

I also think Polly might be doing the funky chicken dance.

Apparently the funky chicken dance is somewhat of a turn on to Morg, because it doesn't take long until she moves herself in on her girlfriend.

Club gathering over, Morg then spends the rest of her evening taking into her mirror in order to raise her charisma skill.

Just because you're related, doesn't mean you can just hang around in the house and have it not be creepy.

Is someone regretting having three children?

Rosie turned up, I guess attempting to break in and bite someone, only to shortly decide that no, she wasn't going to do that to her sister and her family, and then turned around and left. 

These two are such a bright summer couple; Tara glues herself back to the chess table as soon as she possibly can, and Candy just takes herself over to one of the lounge chairs for some sunbathing.

Morgana is an A Mood when she gets back from school, so she is immediately sent out on a jog to clear her mind, and to raise her fitness skill while we're at it!

Polly drops by while Morg's out, but she just attaches herself to the computer while she waits for her girlfriend to get back.

An oddly tanned Candy also takes this time to get to know her daughter's girlfriend.


Morgana's been stuck in a loud phase since childhood, but it's only now just rearing it's head while she tries to do her Lindsey Stirling impressions.

Another one of my new shitty holidays is Summer Break, which is basically Summer Party but with more actual party elements.

Hm. Maybe I should swap their names over.

Anyway, summer break just involves swimming, drinking, and partying.

In order to make sure the Hensley's have a good one, I had Morg call up her squad and start a club gathering so that they could celebrate summer and party together.

Morgana made a big serving of baked potatoes, so naturally everyone gathered around the table to eat them.

Except for Jack, who decided to sit at the pool edge instead, and Beth who wanted to take a dip before eating.

Will is a disaster, and Luna is just waiting to hit him with something.

Not because he is - or would even consider - cheating on her, but just because she's trying to save him (and everyone else) the embarrassment of Will being 'da man'.

Speaking of disasters - these two.

Poor Jasper is so uncomfortable, and Cas came to sit with him for a few minutes but decided he'd rather go swimming than sit with his grumpy husband.

Because that's all MCCC would let me set them as.

Rogue baked potato!

Not entirely sure what precisely is happening here, but hey. Friends having some good summer party fun!

I definitely need to swap the names.

Candy gets abducted by aliens, Tara cleans up after her daughter's party, and Morg gets up to make herself a BLT at 3am.

Fascinating lives, they leave.

Oddly tanned Candy gets a whole day off to herself, which she just spends dicking around in the pool and then swinging, and just generally being a giant child.

Morg comes home with yet another mood swing, so after dragging herself into the house, she's back out and jogging around again.

Polly turned up, feeling very sad, and just put herself in Morgana's bed so that she could have a good cry.

Then she had a chat with Candy, and lit some stuff on fire.

One of these two wanted to have a basketball competition, which I humoured, knowing that Morgana was going to trash Candy.

And she did. 

Morg took a quick trip over to the Spice Festival to try her hand at the spice challenge, which she was sadly unsuccessful at.

I'm not gonna lie, I think these guys might be the most family-like of all my households at the moment, and they're super adorable.

Tara and Candy are also ~cool moms~ and don't mind when their daughter's girlfriend stays over.

Image result for i'm not a regular mom gif

Tara, with all her maxed out skills, is also a super chef and enjoys showing off to her wife in very safe ways with knives.

I'm not entirely sure what happened here, but Morg is meeting Katy for the first time (clearly) and she's not really maintaining her cool.

Morg: Please don't touch my face.

Oh, I know what this is! Somewhere in the middle of this rotation, Morg finished the Leader of the Pack aspiration! I moved her onto Party Animal, where she had to introduce herself to 10 sims. I figured the easiest way to do that would be to send her into the district centre and greet everyone who ran by.

Worked pretty well.


Aspiration Summary;
Tara; Renaissance Sim COMPLETE
Candy; Joke Star COMPLETE
Morgana; Leader of the Pack COMPLETE
                  Completed stage one of Party Animal

Rotation Ten; Hendrick :: Rotation Ten; Moore

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