Friday, August 23, 2019

Rotation Ten; Hendrick

These teens are so cute, I'm really loving getting to play them all as teenagers and I honestly can't wait to play all the other kids as teenagers!

Rosa turns up for some reason, and this reminds me to do a quick Kids club shuffle - all the teenagers were promptly booted from the club, allowing room to add Rosa and Lilly, and a few other kids. 

It actually made someone else the leader, but I quickly sorted that out and Rosa'snow in charge.

I spot Jack out jogging around the neighbourhood, so she stops on the doorstep until her girlfriend comes out to meet her.

If only she had a boombox, then this could be a scene from an 80s movie.

Rosa decided to set up shop in the middle of the kitchen to play violin for everyone, and Will and Beth still like each other more than most siblings.

Beth's still chugging away at the Friend of the World aspiration, so she spends a lot of time in her room talking to her mirror in order to bring her charisma skill up.

Beth needed another two friends to complete part of her aspiration, so I sent them all on a teen hangout together.


She ended up running off to sing karaoke with Luna until I corralled her back down to the fire to finally have everyone up to friend status.

Will, on the hand, he's just chillin'.

With the new Mosquito stuff pack out, I was reminded that Sims can indeed take pictures and that I wanted pictures of all my couples before I move on to Gen2 and relegate them all to NPC status.

However, the first batch of selfies did not turn out so well. These two are not so good at the picture taking, it seems.

We did managed to get two semi decent ones out of the two batches I had the two girls take, though, so that's something.

I switched Will over to the Nerd Brain aspiration halfway through this rotation; he completed the first two stages of Computer Whizz, but the third requires him to 'become an adult' so he won't be getting past that for at least another two rotations.

A mood swing strikes the pastel dork boy, so I send him out for a very scenic jog around the neighbourhood.

Jack invites Beth out on what I thought was a date, but then a sad Ariel comes traipsing by and I realise that it's actually a group outing.

So that makes things kind of awkward when all the girls show up right next to Beth & Jack's woohoo bush.

Everyone has a chill time hanging around the fire as the sun goes down, chatting adorably and making friends, playing with fire and taking selfies.

Ariel, you okay there?

They're so cute.

I'm starting a friend selfie wall for Beth; she's my little social butterfly so I feel like it's fitting for her to have pictures with all the friends up on her wall.

These two are still ridiculously into each other, and I honestly love them so much. They're just so sweet; the OG couple of the Hot Ladies Association.

Summer is in full swing for these guys now, and I've finally reworked all of the holidays to fit my liking. Each season now has one holiday per week, which you'll see starting from this rotation!

The first new holiday is simply "Summer Party", because I'm not particularly creative.

It's basically just time for everyone to go to the beach, eat BBQ food, and drink. And since they've now fixed parties in Sulani, I had these guys host a beach party!

I think Beth was actually one to host it, so there's more teens than members of the HLA, but that's fine.

There are three types of couples.

Everyone had a good ole time down at the beach; nothing super eventful happened, but that's okay as song I don't get stuck with "bad holiday" moodlets.

Will's plodding away at his aspiration; repairing objects and improving his logic skill.

Jess is the most troll mother; she thinks she's helping, but in reality she's really not.

I decided to redesign the kitchen/dining room! I didn't really like the dining room being smushed into a corner while the kitchen was fully open, so eventually decided to do something about it. 

I love it.

Aaaa! Obviously Will agreed to go, also taking along his sister and her girlfriend too, because I really don't utilise the festivals as much as I probably should.

Jack, however, seemed to disappear almost instantly, so Beth decided to just throw petals over her brother instead.

Morgana showed up with a burger, for some unknown reason, and proceeded to hang around after Will wandered off making this a girl's night instead.

The fact that they're all dating someone and yet hanging out at the romance festival is besides the point.


I love Will's stupid dorky shirtless summer look oh so much.

Will also still likes to eat microwave food and bitch about it, but also to stand in front of Hanna while she's trying to play video games.


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