Sunday, August 11, 2019

Rotation Nine; Moore

This rotation is quite short as not much actually happened that was worth documenting (honestly there's only so many ways to caption pictures of fishing and gardening), and is mostly about a certain little someone.

A certain little someone who is due to age up!

Oh, isn't she cute! She aged up with Lucy's hair colour, but given that Lucy's only got grey hair because she's a zombie, I decided I'd give River the hair colour Lucy would have had, if she wasn't a zombob.

The little preemptive nightmare also got the Independent trait, which honestly just makes her an angry little brat.

A cute little brat, though, and I'm curious to see how she grow up.

With the exclusion of the Delwares from the rotation list, I decided to give these two another baby - I'd considered it beforehand but decided that I already had enough Sims to deal with going into a second generation. But, with the removal of an entire household, I decided "fuck it".

So Lucy did.

Lucy's still fighting hard to improve Sulani - she can write Conservation articles from her computer at home, which is 90% of what she does here.

Guess who's expecting!!

Sophie: Hey, why don't I get the gay pride fish!?

Life is fairly chill for these guys; they just fish or garden, and occasionally give River some care.

Honestly, I think independent was the best trait for their first baby - she doesn't need or want much attention, which allows Sophie to go fishing off the lot and for Lucy to catch up on some much needed sleep.

The only problem with the trait, however, is that she's a stubborn little brat. I honestly love her, but she is some work.

Okay, so this has to be a bug or something, because occasionally Lucy will get the "cold spot" swimming moodlet, despite not having gone swimming in the ocean for a long ass time.

It is kind of amusing  - but also a little alarming - when she suddenly turns blue.

We finally have a troublemaker!

I shouldn't be as excited about that as I am, but as Lucy hasn't ever encountered one before I think I'm allowed a free pass.

Lucy told her where she can stick her troublemaking ideas, and this bitch quickly learned not to fight back with a pregnant lady.

River is adorable, and these two are super cute with both her and each other.


(the usual clip I use when making a covered in bees joke has been taken down, so here, enjoy this lego animation instead)

How not to potty train your child; text while doing it.

Lucy: potty training my toddler today #pottytraining #momlife #babypooping

River is hilarious, and I can't wait to see her as she grows up. If this was TS3 she'd definitely be given the rebellious trait, but I might have to give her self confident or something that matches the toddler trait.

Actually, that's one thing I miss from TS3 - toddlers don't keep their traits into childhood anymore.

It's go time!

And here's their new little one, Sam Moore!
In the same fashion that Beth's name is actually Elizabeth, his name is actually Samwise. 

Also, I clearly think I'm very clever because the Fisherwoman's child is called river, and the Gardener's child is literally named after a gardener.

River, immediately encounters her new little brother, and like any typical baby does about something they don't like, she cries about it.

She gets a quick cuddle from Lucy, and she's somewhat consoled and then she's off on another adventure.

Quickly grabbed again by Lucy, who needs to give her a bath. Also, before anyone questions why their bath is outside the front of their house - it doesn't actually fit inside. 

Their house is so small that I couldn't actually fit a bath into it. So, I stuck it outside.

She is really not impressed by having a fat hobbit for a brother.

I was actually pretty surprised that these two didn't get married in the timestream while I was playing another household, and I did consider throwing them a wedding, but then I decided that would be too much effort and then I didn't.

Garden wives! 💕💕💍

River: PLANTS!

Like mothers, like daughter.

Lucy spends 90% of her time in her greenhouse these days, which means that River spends a lot of her time wobbling her way over to stand and watch her.

Again, in the final few hours of the girls rotation, it's time for baby Samwise to age up!

Oh, he's cute too! I was really hoping that one of their babies would get Sophie's red hair, but the brown looks super cute on him so I'm not too mad. 

He got Lucy's grey hair the same way that River did, so I switched it over the brown.

Ignoring the fact that half of Sophie's butt is hanging out of her pants and photobombing the top corner of the screenshot, he's such a cutie!


Aspiration Summary;
Lucy; Stage 3 of Freelance Botanist, all tasks to complete.
Sophie; Stage 4 of Angling Ace, one task to complete.
River; N/A
Sam; N/A

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