Thursday, August 8, 2019

Rotation Nine; Hensley

House makeover/upgrade! I wanted to give Morgana a little bit more space, and I also just wanted to make better use of the space they had.

I gave their house the second floor I always intended it have, and made it into a loft for Morgana.

Given that they're living in the middle of city district, I thought I'd better make their hot tub slightly more closed of in case anyone starts skinny dipping or woohooing in it.

Here's the messy bitch's loft room, with a better view of how the balcony area is laid out.

Morgana's still plugging away at the Whizz Kid aspiration; the only thing she has left to do is to hit level 10 of the mental skill.
I figured Tara, having long maxed out her logic skill, would probably be the best chance to give Morg a boost. I don't know if that actually has any effect, but hey.

Candy, wanting to hang out with her wife and daughter, ends up being bored to tears and playing the guitar to amuse herself and everyone else.

While snooping around the city, I came across a very depressed looking Luna hangout out in the rain.

Cryptid Candy strikes again, spending her day off playing violin in the rain.

Bless this little nerd.

Naturally, I picked the mischief potion for them to tackle; much more fun that way.

There ending up not being any fireworks to light (because someone else set them all off before I had half a chance), but they still had a good time.

Lacie's here to help out with Morg's homework, because apparently she's really into being a mother these days.

I love this little balcony.

Caleb: *turning up to break into their house*
Caleb: *realises they're ex-vampire and that Tara is actually his daughter in another save*
Caleb: NOPE.

Morg's taken up swimming in the mornings now it's springtime; she'll wake up and immediately wish to go into the pool, so I send her out doing laps.

Little jock.

Guess who's here? Again.

I love this little family.

I also love this little kitchen area.

Angry Polly's here, hopefully to get cheered up by her best bro.

After a little bit of messing around on the monkey bars, Polly's happy again and the girls get some quality bonding time together.

Candy, the local cryptid, is running on the same time as Hanna; different from everyone else.

These two officially become my first couple to autonomous woohoo, in the hot tub no less.

These two are so into each other.

I was intending for Morgana to take over the kids club as leader after Will and Beth aged up, but I forgot that Morg actually turns teen next rotation, so having her take over for a single rotation would be totally pointless. 

I'll have to transfer that over to one of the Giles babies next Hendrick rotation.

Took a grand total of five minutes before Luna and Will moved in on each other.

Adorable dorks.

Space pirate Morgana to the rescue!

Lacie's here, and being creepy!

Lacie's been pulling a Jeff on these two; she just turns up whenever she feels like it and just does whatever she feels like, be it yoga in the bedroom someone's sleeping in.

And probably breaking their computer, too.

It's party time! Because Morg's completed all four childhood aspirations, she's really just sitting around and waiting for the end of the rotation, so I decided to throw a birthday party and age her up a tiny bit early!

Morgana, seriously?

Naturally, the best kind of cake for baby-gana is the hamburger cake. No other would be good enough for our budding little mini jock.

Andy's out here having the absolute time of her life at this birthday party.

Wonderchild Brogana here picks up her Bro trait, also earning herself Creatively Gifted, Socially Gifted, Mentally Gifted, and Physically Gifted for completing all of the childhood aspirations.

This is all kinds of adorable!

Andy is having an absolutely grand time getting to sing happy birthday for a crowd.

Will, don't you fucking dare. I know Morg had a weird childhood crush on you, but that's not something that's happening.

Maybe it's just dumbass jock lesbian and dumbass geek bisexual solidarity. That's what I'm going with, anyway!

What's the best thing to do after you age up? Abandon your own party and go for a dip, of course.

Beth, everyone's best friend, is here to reel her back in, though.

Will: I'm not into her, I swear.

Mr Always Horny sneaks upstairs with his girlfriend for a quick little makeout session, probably thinking nobody would see them and totally forgetting that they're literally standing on a balcony.

They look a little guilty, don't they?

Dance party!

Why is Will in his trunks? I guess he took a dip in the pool??


Teen Polly! These two are actually the same age, and also totally meant to be - I couldn't have one turning teen without the other, even if it is technically a rotation early.

Happy birthday to you indeed, Morgana.

Time to ditch your birthday party for the park where you can canoodle with a cute girl 👀😉

Harold, they're lesbians.

Gotta get that hot girl booty 👀

With pretty much every member of Kids of the Realm now a teenager, I decided to add Jack to the group and sending them on a last minute outing to this Teen Hangout I downloaded from the gallery!

It's by Aveline, and it's super cute. I did have to have to recolour the outside as she used a wallpaper from a pack I don't have, but whatever. It's adorable! 

Everyone gathers around the fire for a little while to chat and presumably roast things. Morgana is definitely the kind of person who likes to set things on fire to see what'll happen, even if it's just "thing is on fire".

Jack sets herself on fire, and Luna, Will, and I think that's Jasper in the distance(?), decide to take themselves off on a jog instead of doing anything remotely helpful.

Luna and Will are probably running off to find a bush or something.

Dumb jock girlfriends like fire.

I honestly love Morgana's teen look so much, you have no idea.

Jeff has finally figured out that his daughter is dating a girl he barely knows, and now must invite her out to investigate her.

But being dumb jock bros, they get on really well.

Well, Morgana's not a dumb jock bro given that she's basically a freaking wonderchild, but let's face it - she might be super smart but she's so fucking dumb.

Jeff: Bros!!!

Morgana: Bros!!

Morgana goes for a jog, and stumbles across an exhausted looking Jasper trudging his way across the district.

Following the trend of "I don't want sims to hook up with random people in the time stream", Cas and Jasper are actually married 😂


Aspiration Summary;
Tara; Renaissance Sim COMPLETE
Candy; Joke Star COMPLETE
Morgana; Completed Stage 2 of Leader of the Pack

Rotation Nine; Hendrick :: Rotation Nine; Moore

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