Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Rotation Nine; Hendrick

You have no idea how excited I've been to put this rotation up. 

I've changed a few things around, but the Hendrick kiddos are becoming teens! 

Anyone who's been following Heather's Paraneighbours will have seen Teen Will by now already, but probably only had a few glimpses of Beth, so here we go!!

Beth! My beautiful girl adds Self Assured to Outgoing, and I picked out Friend of the World for her aspiration.

Biggest dork Will! This loser picks up Cheerful to add to Geek, and I gave him the Computer Whizz aspiration.

And Will's first task is to knuckle down and crack out the first part of his aspiration.

But after some quality time programming on his computer, it's off for date time!

I know this isn't Sims 3, which pairs your sims up willy nilly out in the timestream, but I still didn't really want these two looking in other directions when they're already engaged in another file.

And with that, I also brought Jack along to introduce her to Beth.

Jack wasn't necessarily planned to be paired with Beth, but as this game as proven to me time and time again, don't mess with whatever relationships these kids decide to pick out for themselves.

Their date is very cute and very sweet, and I love their green/blue/pastel pink colour palette.

It was cute until Andy showed up, and then it just got awkward and amusing.

She gatecrashed their entire date, which was hilarious, while Beth sat there and introduced herself to every teen in the area for her aspiration.

insert obligatory MCR Teenagers reference here

Day, huh?

Either way, she ran away quite quickly, which is something that happens when my sims get invited out, so we just asked her to meet us somewhere else.

Will is not so good at the flirting, but things worked out reasonably well for them.

I clearly missed this popup, but this was Luna inviting Beth out to a party out in the ruins (girls night out?), but Beth decided to go full wingwoman for her twin brother.

Which is super lucky for him, because he ends up landing himself a super cute alien girlfriend!

Jack shows up for no apparent reason (there's no actual party going out here), but managed to make Beth swoon anyway.

These two are the last people I'd ever expect to find down at GeekCon, but with Will out at school and Hanna equally as unlikely, I just let them both go.

I never really explore the festivals, so I figured why not.

Clearly nobody smart showed up to the festival, because Jess ended up winning the Hack-A-Thon with a grand total of 12%.

What an interesting outfit you have on there, Luna my dear.

They're both incredibly adorable, though, and super into each other.

Not sure why they decided to go and hang out in the kitchen, of all places. Nobody tried to kick them out, but I did hustle them off to their table sharpish just in case anyone came along to tell them off.

Will is almost always in the Flirty mood. I don't know why or how, but it's ridiculous! I suppose he's just embracing the true libido of a teenage boy?

Dinner was fairly uneventful by itself, except for the part when they were too busy flirting to notice this guy come along and steal Luna's food just before she went to the bathroom.

Jog off those negative emotions, kiddos.

👀 👀 👀

Read: Will is always horny.

He also thinks he's super slick, when he's actually just a super dork.

Will has some weird obsession with only making microwave food, and then being pissed when his food tastes like microwave.

Will's also apparently taken up yoga to help him cope with his shitty microwave dinners.

Hanna, still hanging out on the wrong timezone to everyone else, busting out her best moves at 2am before finally heading to bed.

Pastel pink babies.

The kiddos take another trip out to Planet Honey Pop, coming across a very interestingly dressed Jeff, who has apparently taken up spying on his bro's kids as well.

Thankfully there are no bushes on this lot for these two to slip off into, because I honestly wouldn't put it past this boy.

They're both super adorable, though.

It's a unofficial date date!


I was still entirely unsure if I wanted to actually go for these two or not; Jack's a mischief maker and I'm planning on having Beth go into to the Charity worker section of the political career, and while I love the idea of having another two opposites, I wasn't sure if I wanted to hook up another two of my own sims.

But then I decided just to go for it, and it turned out to be a good thing.

Selfie to commemorate the occasion!

And a quick trip up the street and into the nearest bush to seal the deal ;)


Aspiration Summary;
Jess; Stage 4 of Master Chef, two tasks left to complete.
Hanna; Completed stage 3 of Super Parent.
Beth; Completed stage 1 of Friend of the World
Will; Completed stage 2 of Computer Whizz,
         Just started Nerd Brain.

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