Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Rotation Eight; Giles

Prepare for another rotation that's mostly just full of toddler spam, because that's pretty much all this one is. There's not really a whole lot of interesting things going on when you're just trying to keep three toddlers from starving to death while they sleep, and stopping their mamas from blacking out.

Lily apparently still isn't too sure what she thinks of Yasmin.

I leave my game unpaused for a grand total of two minutes, and when I come back this lot have already invaded the apartment.

I edited the "Social Butterflies" club to just be these three (and Lacie & Jade), because at the end of the day that was kind of the point of that club? Otherwise it just becomes the HLA mk.2, which is completely pointless.

That said, this is not a Social Butterflies gathering, this is just these three crashing the apartment for no reason other than they can.

And Tara cleans the bath for some reason. She must remember what Morgana was like as a tot, and feels sorry for Lacie & Jade having three of them.

But they're three very, very cute toddlers!

A little troublesome, but you can't win them all.

I don't know if this is related to Jade's fame or not, because I've never really played with the fame aspect before, but random people keep turning up and letting themselves in.

It's infuriating.

Why is Lilly sitting on a duck?

Also, look at Lacie having the time of her life with her babies!

Jeff: hugs the toddler with a stinky butt.

Yazmin: is jealous.

It's Winterfest! The girls were all exhausted and in bed when this rolled around, so I'm not actually sure if I managed to get them to open any presents?

What I did manage to do, however, was get the little ones to get presents from Father Winter - though I don't think they actually got anything so much as they just manged to ambush him and attempt to ask.

Saying that, I think Lilly got a set of nesting blocks, so maybe they did get presents and I just completely forgot.

These two are still hopelessly and adorably in love.

I honestly love the contrast between the characters these two both have; Jade, the neat freak fancy bitch who loves fine cuisine, and Lacie, the gym tramp who lives for mess and who's favourite food is takeaway pizza. 

Lilly took herself out on a little adventure; she really loves that dinosaur toy, and though I don't know why she took off into the snow it's still super cute.

Surprising no one, Jeff is here to dance. And Lilly is super adorable for coming to dance with him.

The movement skill of the two girls is the only skill they haven't maxed, so it's dancing time!

Everyone likes to come and check on Lacie when she comes home, which is all kinds of adorable.

I'm so used to tots being the awkward and annoying little things that they are in TS3, that's kind of overwhelming to find them so functional and sweet in this game.

Good morning, Jeff is here!

A hungry baby is never particularly interested in cuddles, but Rosa is always up for a chat in the time it takes for someone to bring her food.

And on the continued trend of their friends coming in to clean their bathroom, Hanna's here to clean their sink.

Hanna had twins herself, so I can understand her reasoning.

I've already made plans for their new apartment, in which the three girls all have separate rooms.

Thank God.

Even with Lacie in the mixology career and with her three babies, she still manages to find time to workout.

That's dedication.

Since levelling her movement skill up, little Lilly seems to love taking herself on random neighbourhood adventures.

Jeff and Andy also love taking themselves on adventures into Lacie's apartment, simply because they can. I mean, technically Andy can't but she does it anyway.

Someone broke the fridge (presumably one of the gatecrashers), and Jeff is mad about it. The fridge he likes to raid isn't working? Unacceptable.

Happy New Year!

They all vanished before midnight, but that didn't stop them from throwing around some confetti and blowing horns at each other.

Katy and Millie decided to see the new year in in their own special way, but Jade went and put a stop to that when it was keeping their babies awake.

Rotation Eight; Moore :: Rotation Nine; Hendrick

Aspiration Summary;
Lacie; Stage 3 of Master Mixologist, one task to complete.
Jade; Stage 2 of World-Famous Celeb, all tasks to complete.
Rosa; N/A
Lilly; N/A
Yazmin; N/A

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