Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Rotation Eight; Moore

Are you ready for the fastest moving rotation ever

We start off innocently, with Sophie inviting Lucy out to some gardens to enjoy the day.

Lucy swiftly runs off to talk to a tree, and Sophie vanishes.

I drag them out to Magnolia Square in Willow Creek to try again, because quite honestly, Lucy needs more friends that aren't plants.

Girl, I love your dedication to your plants, but human interaction is important!

Will turned up, which makes sense because this is his home neighbourhood after all, and Sophie promptly disappears again.

Third time's the charm, right? This time, I tried hosting a Garden Gnomes club meet up in the hopes that Sophie wouldn't run away. That worked, except for some unknown reason Sophie's club uniform has her stripped down to her underwear.

Well, you win some, you lose some.

I forced her to change into her everyday wear with MCCC, which thankfully got rid of the frankly embarrassing panties look, and the two girls are off.

These two get on like a house on fire, it's adorable. I don't think I've ever seen a relationship bar fill up so quickly.

Couples who fish together, stay together.

Not that these two are even technically a couple, but we all know it's going to happen.

And with that fast moving relationship bar, I decided to bite the bullet and just have these two move in together.

I built a house for Lucy a little while ago - it's an adorable garden based/rustic tiny house that I'm actually really, really proud of.

Including the kind of ugly little greenhouse - it's not the prettiest thing ever, but it's better than it's original design and it's functional with six garden beds in, so I'm okay with it.

And here it is in the winter!

Lucy's first port of call? Plant up everything she's got in her inventory and keep pushing hard at that gardening skill.

That looks very safe.

Nobody's really done anything with the woodworking skill, but as I'd already put a table down in this house, I figured I'd let Sophie have a go at it. What I didn't realise was that she'd just be waving around a very large knife.

I really like the idea of having these girls living off the grid, but as I have too many string lights outside to actually implement that so I decided I was just going to have them wash their own laundry!

Except it didn't work. For whatever reason, Lucy just kept dropping the washing in a pile on the floor in front of the tub even though there wasn't anything blocking it. And once I finally got that working, she then couldn't put anything on the line.

Eventually, I gave that up as a bad job and moved on.

The first part of Sophie's aspiration requires her to "fish in 3 different locations", which seems super easy, but as it turns out apparently Sulani doesn't count?

I don't know if I did something wrong or if it's just a bug but goddamnit EA.

With the girls not having a high enough friendship bar (or no romance bar at all) they were unable to share a bed, so Lucy was relegated to sleeping on the ottoman at the end of the bed.

Winterfest morning rolls around, and Sophie is up bright and early for a morning fish on the beach.

Before coming home and surprising her live-in gal pal with a quick peck under the mistletoe, leading to the two of them finally sharing their very first kiss.

There is no fireplace on this lot, and yet Father Winter manages to appear anyway. I've given up questioning this man, though this house is really too small to have him in.

I also have to say that I've never seen a relationship go up as quickly as theirs, either.

What an eventful day little Lucy has out on Sulani! Thankfully she was on her way to her last survey point when she got struck, so I was able to ship her off quickly after that.

That moment when you click "try for baby" instead of regular woohoo because you weren't paying attention, and didn't notice in time to cancel because you really weren't paying attention.

I had my fingers crossed when I discovered the "take pregnancy test" interaction on the toilet, but as you can see, it really did bite me in the ass.

Don't sim and not pay attention, kids!

Sophie makes a cute accidental pregnant lady, though.

Next time I'll only make them able to have kids when I want them to have to kids, instead of just setting it up long beforehand and forgetting about it.

Nice hat, Ana.

This poor bloated pregnant lady doesn't exactly seemed thrilled about having to leave her cozy shack, but I figured it would be good for her to make more friends and actually leave the lot a few times.


Now Lucy actually has herself a semi-organised greenhouse set-up, I figured it was about time that this little zombie got herself on a pocket full of bees.

The good news is that if you're dead, you probably can't feel bee stings, right?

Beth shows up on the lot for no apparent reason, but I'm not one to miss out on connections between my Sims, so Sophie goes out to make some friends.

Sophie and Lucy toast themselves, and Sophie goes back to have some fun blowing noise horns with Beth.

Happy New Year, isolated garden cuties!

Another cliche new years proposal 💓

Adorable in theory, not so much in actual practise, but that's okay because this is just the Sims which means it's ONLY adorable!

I stuck around a little bit longer into the Sunday to get through the birth of Sophie and Lucy's little babba.

Another girl! That's another one to add to the hot lady squad, which I'm super happy about. Her name is River Forrester, because I think I'm hilarious and because I just wanted their kid to have an outdoorsy kind of name!

Aspiration Summary;
Lucy; Stage 2 of Freelance Botanist, one task to complete.
Sophie; Stage 2 of Angling Ace, one task to complete.

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