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Rotation Seven; Hensley

Thankfully I remembered to roll the season back this time around, so these guys do indeed get to enjoy the full Fall season.

Morgana is just out here being adorable - but soak up your last look at baby Morg because it's birthday time!

My rough-and-tumble tomboy, Morgana! She gets Happy Toddler instead of Top Notch because I spent way too much time letting her dance.

I had Morg request to join Kids of the Realm, but I've played so little with clubs that I didn't know she had to try out; super cute!

She starts by attempting to make a very bored Beth laugh, when Jeff comes sauntering out of the park?
Jeff, why are you at the kids park before us??

Ah, he's here to spy on his children.

There's a surprise.

Morgana makes herself a Best Bro in Polly, so gives her an apartment key. I didn't know you could give kids keys, so I'm excited to see if that means Polly will just come wandering on in to the apartment, just like Jeff does with his bro Lacie.

She also manages to get herself into Kids, though she got rejected the first time she asked.

I only caught him as he was leaving, but Alec was here too. These two are terrible, they basically stalk their children!

For anyone who doesn't know, Cas & Polly are the alien babies of Jeff & Alec Winchester.

After being home for barely thirty seconds, Polly shows her true Mini-Jeff colours.

She was also the only one to turn up for this game night.

I see you, Polly πŸ‘€

Tara's been stuck on the last stretch of her aspiration for ages; she needs 6 skills at level 8. I used this Skill Day event thing as a final push to making mixology - she climbed possibly 3 or 4 skill levels that night and made this one of her 6 skills!

She's still got two to go, though.

Morgana has an invisible monster under her bed, so naturally she tries to chat to it but  fails, so ends up getting herself some fancy food from the fridge for a midnight snack until Tara comes to sort it out.

I missed getting a screenshot of it, but Candy has a mini meltdown in the hallway when trying to introduce herself to Katy, though because Katy's only a one star celebrity, she does manage it.

Sometimes I think about how Lacie must look to other Sims. She only ever turns up with Katy or with Jade, who are both celebrities. Lacie's just this scruffy, pizza-loving, messy gym freak, with a hot celebrity wife with whom she has two kids, and a hot celebrity friend.

It's crazy.

Candy knocks out half her aspiration while Katy's here, using the time as an opportunity to perform her comedy routines. I know she can also complete them even if there's nobody around, but it's nicer to have someone to listen to you.

Morg also gets her very first school project, which we complete early (with Tara's maxed logic skill it goes very well) because I've got plans.

Camping plans!!

Candy's immediately swarmed by mosquitoes while trying to eat, and Morgana comes across a giant bear.

Which she's scared of.

Everyone's sleeping schedules have been totally thrown off from the start of the rotation and I haven't been able to get them back under control, so everyone's basically sleeping in shifts at the campsite.

Protecting each other from the bear ;)

I will never understand why Sims decide that the perfect place to drop down and cloud gaze is outside of the scuzzy campsite toilet.

Though the toilet is ridiculously accurate; it's exactly like the one we had to use at a campsite down on Exmoor.

That was a fun holiday. Our horses got loose, so at 7am in the morning there were a bunch of pre-teen girls running around in a wet field in their pyjamas.

Tara and Morg spend some time scavenging, wandering, and generally just hanging out and exploring the wilderness.

Lacie shows up for absolutely no reason, which is exactly what she did to the Hendricks bunch.

Lacie is also Ariel - she wants to be where the people are.

After some chatting with Heather, I decided I wanted to try a Weenie Roast (totally forgetting that you can't do that while on vacation) so send Candy out to go and pick herself up her own guitar.

Before she'd even started playing the damn thing, she managed to set it on fire.

Yes, Candy, I feel the same.

I have no idea why they're not able to put out their own fires, but hey, there's some family bonding in panicking over a fire together, right?

Candy becomes her very own brand of cryptid, playing violin and horseshoes in the middle of the night.

As one does.

And then their wet vacation was promptly ruined by both Morgana and Candy getting sick.

Sad Sick Candy, eating a (probably soggy) hot dog in the rain.

So I sent them home, because there's not really much you can do when they get sick.

Tara's still ploughing away at her six skills, and this time attempting to make money at the same time by entering gaming competitions.

Candy also got one of those chance cards that bumped her straight to the top of her career.

She was making $67 an hour, and now makes $474!

Morgana's plugging away at her Rambunctious Scamp aspiration by playing the typing game non stop.

I've actually got her working on all the aspirations, which I probably shouldn't have but fight me.

Lacie's here again. I don't know why.

She luckily happens to be here while Morgana's bed monster pops up again, so rather than wake up either of her parents, Morg goes to Lacie.

She also hangs around for long enough for everyone else to go to bed, whereupon she then makes herself a drink.

Morgana spends her Harvest Fest morning by chatting to the gnomes - because it's the only part of Harvest Fest kids actually care about - eating birthday cake, and running around in the rain near the garbage plant.

Tara, with her apparently maxed out cooking skill, makes everyone a Grand Breakfast.

This has happened to me a couple of times now; Sims have called up for hangouts and then ended up either stuck behind a door, or just standing in the hallway and not coming inside.

Everyone in the building stops by for some breakfast, but Morg's the only one who bothers to clean up the dishes before joining the adults for a chat.

I sent the Kids out on another outing, and this time they showed up at the same park that the Garden Gnomes use for their meetings.

Me, seeing Will and Luna standing within 10 feet of each other; πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Morg really likes Will; she brought up a few whims for him, and back in Will's own rotation Candy kept calling him up to hangout.

Too bad, guys, you're both spoken for.
You'll thank me later.

Speaking of the Garden Gnomes, they decided to show up and have their hangout at the same time as the Kids.

Cas, following in the footsteps of his anti-social father, decides to run away from the crazy child hangout and instead do his homework with the garden children.

It's still weird to me seeing Lucy out and about - especially because I don't remember giving her those clothes, but they're dorky and cute just like her.

I ship it.

Eventually, I realise most of Morg's needs are red or orange, so she gets to trudge on home.

Morg is absolutely a wonder child. I mean, you'll see at the end of this post, but she's only been a child for one week and she's absolutely smashing the child aspirations!

Oh look, Jeff's Polly's here again!

Aspiration Summary;
Tara; Stage 4 of Renaissance Sim, one task to complete.
Candy; Stage 4 of Joke Star, one task to complete.
Morgana; Stage 3 of Artistic Prodigy, two tasks to complete.
                Stage 2 of Social Butterfly, one task to complete.
                Completed Rambunctious Scamp.

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