Friday, July 5, 2019

Rotation Seven; Hendrick

I started this rotation by totally forgetting to switch the season over to Fall, so the first half of this post is still in Summer. I did actually switch them over only a few days in, but as the bulk of the screenshots were actually taken while it was summer it looks like longer than it was.
As I said in the Summary Post, I plan to put more effort into their aspirations through the next couple rotations, so Will spends a good chunk of his time glued to the chess set!
Beth makes Hanna her BFF, just because there were no other children in the save file that she could do that with. I totally forgotten Hanna and Jeff were BFFs, so that was a bit mean to her!
It’s definitely Fall.
I shipped everyone off to this karaoke bar I downloaded from the gallery because I wanted to complete stages of Beth’s aspiration; befriending two adults – apparently her parents do not count.
Hanna gets her chance to work on her aspiration as well!
Morgana ages up in her next rotation, and Candy keeps trying to call Will over (honestly, she called him so many times it was getting weird) so we finally took her up on the offer and had them all introduce themselves.
Beth makes a friend, and Will makes a mess.
We got our first school project! Perfectly timed because Hanna had just moved on to the part of her aspiration that required her to work with a child on their school projects.
Will also got the solar system one, so that’s definitely going up somewhere.
Will goes off to play Doctor with his teddy bears, and Beth gets to work on her own project; the volcano!
These are so cool.
This lot haven’t got super long left as kids, but I got hold of all the Paraneighbour babies and put them into their respective families!
Polly and Cas are the first ones over.
Beth needs to make five friends, and while her parents don’t count as adult friends, her twin brother does count as a child friend. Go figure.
I have no idea where Cas & Polly went, or where Ariel is, but Luna’s here!
Hanna becomes my first TS4 sim to get abducted by aliens, but I’m pretty sure literally nothing came from that other than sitting around looking crosseyed for a while.
Now that Beth knows all the Parababies, I’ve finally made a group with them all in. I’m really not sure why it’s taken me until now to put all the babies in my save, but they’re here now!
I also called their group Kids of the Realm because of the obvious Knights of the Realm thing (which is apparently a warhammer thing? Ant, is this your doing?) and I think I’m funnier than I actually am.
Their first meeting was entirely uneventful; something obviously went wrong and they all just ended up leaving.
Hanna’s on a parenting kick!!
I attempted Kids of the Realm meeting, this time in the Hendrick back garden, and it seemed to go a lot better.
These two are dating/engaged in the Paraneighbour save, so anytime I see them so much as look at each other I’m like  👀 👀
I know you’re twins, guys, but that might be a bit close.
Subtle, Will.
Cas decides that he’d rather do his homework than hangout with his ‘friends’, which actually becomes a common theme with him!
And that’s pretty much it for their rotation; I put a lot of focus into their aspirations so ended up taking less screenshots that I normally would.
Aspiration Summary;
Jess; Stage 4 of Master Chef, two tasks left to complete.
Hanna; Completed stage 3 of Super Parent.
Beth; Stage 3 of Social Butterfly, two tasks to complete.
Will; Stage 2 of Whiz Kid, one task to complete.

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