Thursday, March 14, 2019

Rotation Four; Hensley Sisters

It's Autumn/Fall for the Hensley house!

Lucy really is not that very exciting; she's cute but she literally does nothing but read and take naps.

I mean, that's also kind of my life, but it's not very exciting to watch your sim do it.

These two, however, continue to be two of my favourite girls!

Lucy: What's that smell?

Lucy: Oh. It's me.

Lucy proceeded to try and prove to me that she's exciting by setting herself and one of the cabinets on fire.

It didn't really do anything except terrify everyone who lives here into leaving, and inviting half the neighbours into the apartment. 

Who the hell are you and how did you get into the apartment!? And why are you playing tetris??

I hate this man.

Conversely, I love it when they end up all having a 'family' dinner together.

It's also time to spice things up inside the Tara and Candy relationship, by turning little ol' Candy into a vampire.

Rosie goes out with the rest of the Hot Ladies Association, and gets down!

And now there's more strangers in the flat!?

Why must they do this.

But hey, free food, right?

They're super cute and I hate them.

Rosie is also the number one supporter of her sister's relationship.

Also, turning into a vampire in TS4 just looks like really bad period cramps.

There's a whole lot of socialising going on here at the moment - Lacie freaking loves to hang out with people.

It's time!!

Tara: Learn from your sire, young padawan!

Candy: What.

Miko does not care about the vampires.

It's Harvest Fest!

Time to get stalked by gnomes who also commit attempted murder.

Lacie comes over as always, but she's mostly just here for the food again.

Lucy is so useless she neglects her own plants and then has the audacity to look smug about it.

There's always something going on in the place, even if it's just Jess making everyone dinner.

I don't think anyone's actually met Ana yet, but surprise! Here's my newest sim!

Her name is Oceana Neptune, and she's basically supposed to be a mermaid.

The girls are bonding with Ana, mostly just because I want her to actually know people and starting hanging out with us.

I also managed to catch Jeff dancing with his bro's girlfriend in the background.

Lacie comes back after the dance party, still feeling flirty, and I was honest to god terrified she'd start flirting with Rosie.

This girl wants all the hot ladies.

Candy got invited out to party again, but I ended up spending more time looking at everyone else.


Best Bros are more interested in chatting with each other than partying.

Lacie, I love you.

I love these two, too. Mildly worried about their kids, but I'm sure they'll be fine.


Apparently this is supposed to be cheek kisses, but that is not what it looks like. 

Okay so this might have turned into a mild Lacie-centric post, so I'm going to move on now!

It was at this point that I realised that I was a failure of a person, as I'd never made a dead girl walking joke, considering that both these girls are now actually dead.

Okay, I'm fairly sure this is a vampire thing because they're always doing it.

It's at this point I decided it was time somebody introduced themselves to my newest sims - Ana and Katy.

Excuse me, Rosie, but that's gay.

Katy is an aspiring actress, and Ana just wants to fish.

Katy was randomly in a flirty mood, and Rosie followed her around trying to make friends.

I swear Lucy is always napping.

We only invited Jess in, but Fashion Icon Miko decided to waltz on in also.

I plonked Candy into the actress career, but I think she's probably only going to do this one shift and then I'll move her to something else, particularly as Katy's now here specifically for that career.

She makes a cute little western lady! 💙

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