Sunday, June 30, 2019

Rotation Six; Giles

It’s a long one for my girlies this time around, and it’s time for our very first Hot Lady wedding!
This technically happened in the middle of Tara & Candy’s rotation; Lacie was so determined to marry Jade while standing in the Hensley apartment, that I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and marry them off properly.
Naturally, the weather was completely horrific, so the cute wedding setup I downloaded from the gallery was almost entirely wasted.
Everyone turned up for the ceremony, looking very cute; Jess decided she wanted to make an attempt at playing the violin for the crowd.
Jeff arrived without his Husbro chaperone, so naturally Lacie plops herself down beside him to babysit.
The actual ceremony is almost ruined by Tara checking out the decor in the background, and one of the brides dancing by herself at the altar.
Thankfully, the wedding goes off without a hitch; minus Jeff dancing in the aisle.
Jess watches him in silent judgement.
Though given that it’s Jeff, outside without his Husbro, we can’t be too hard on him now, can we?
Mrs & Mrs Giles! πŸ’•
Rosie shows up fashionably late, because there just has to be someone.
Jade’s too busy playing barmaid to pay attention to the cake cutting, so Lacie helps herself to the cake alone.
Andy manages to convince the bride to get down and do pushups – I would’ve so pinned this one on Lacie, but apparently not!
Lacie eats her cake and goes back to babysitting her Brofriend.
We only made silver on the wedding, because apparently everyone knows you have to drink exactly three drinks to have a successful wedding, but the girls still hung around after everyone had left to finish theirs.
Immediately following the wedding, Whisper got sick, so Jade had to take her to the vet.
While we were there we also came across Miko with a very blue Rocket – the theory behind that is that Andy & Jeff decided to dye him blue, Andy for science and Jeff for the giggles. Miko got tasked with taking him to the vet, probably because Alec is one giant social recluse.
Bertie the rat went on some real adventures this rotation; I had no idea pets could do this??
Look who’s here!
Honestly, this rotation is basically a Jeff rotation; I’m pretty sure he thinks he lives here now.
In other news; Jade’s quitting her job!
She’s been doing so well with her whole fame and video mini career, that I’ve decided to make her do that full time! I mean, christ, she’s making more money that Lacie.
Not to mention I want to have her at home because they’re having a baby!
Upon telling Lacie the news, she and Jade swapped a rose back and forth, which was super adorable.
Also, look how big she is! I had her take the test about five minutes after woohoo and she’s already that big? I’m… a little scared.
And now Jeff’s here again!
I swear, Jeff has a telepathic link and he knew that Lacie was having a baby so had to come over and congratulate her right away.
He then proceeds to stand around and take a phonecall.
He’s probably telling Alec, or the rest of the neighbourhood.
Game night also brought over Tara, who gravitated quickly towards the fridge.
You do not live here.
Aaaaaaah, Bertie’s so cute! I know my first pet is a controversial pack (I mean, it’s really quite ridiculous), but the pets are SO CUTE!
Good lord, she’s huge.
Yes, welcome to Spa de Lacie’s Flat.
This lot are getting far too comfortable in this apartment.
Though I suppose for Candy it’s only fair; Lacie did try to upstage her entire rotation by getting married in the middle of it.
You’d think this was Jade in the bed, right?
Well, you’d be wrong.
It was Hanna.
Just after I was telling Heather that everyone was here, except Andy who was the only one behaving, she comes strutting in.
“Whaddup humans, I’m here so the party can start!”
Tara turned up again at some point, and proceeded to go and entertain herself with the mirror in the girl’s bedroom. As one does.
The friend hangout is over, and they all just get up and leave! I’ve got to admit, I didn’t actually realise this was a friend hangout (the popup is from an earlier hangout which bugged and left Jeff and Andy standing in the lobby) and was so very confused as to why they all turned up in the apartment.
It was also now that I decided to set up a club for these morons – I’m going to have to go round the other households and make sure the girls have space to join the club.
… You two… you live together?
Hanna – not part of the club, turns up anyway.
Tara – also not part of the club but here she is too!
I guess when your wife’s invited to something, you have to go to.
They all went around shaking each other’s hands for a little while, welcoming each other to the club.
Eventually I managed to kick everyone out, because both girls were exhausted!
Literally before Lacie’s even awake the next morning, Jeff comes strutting back inside like he owns the place.
Followed swiftly by everyone else.
I’m not sure if I arranged this hangout or what,but they’re all here again!
And they’re all so very appropriate about exactly what they get up to in their friend’s house.
Following all that commotion, it’s go time for the Jacie babies!!
Lacie has very important business to attend to, that isn’t watching her wife give birth.
I managed to herd her into the room after she’d finished her very important brownie, to witness the birth of her babies!
Oh that’s right, I said babies. Turns out Hanna and Jess aren’t the only overly fertile ones, Lacie and Jade are too!
I’m just glad she didn’t have triplets.
He’s here before they get back from the hospital, and gets up and leaves about 30 seconds after they walk in the door.
“This isn’t my house, you’re not my husband.”
Everyone, meet Lacie and Jade’s twin baby girls; Rosa and Lilly!
Jeff, realising he’s made a mistake in leaving, turns around and comes back to congratulate his bro on the birth of her twins. He had twins too! They’re blue!
Absolutely no the fuck you do not.
Andy turns up, in desperate need of cheering up.
However, as always, Aunt Andy’s really just coming over for a cuddle with the new babies; she did exactly the same thing with Will & Beth, so it’s cute!
It was also at this point that I relocated the Giles girls to the biggest apartment in the building. I would’ve happily left them in the flat they’re in now for one baby, but with twins I wanted them to have a bit more space. I also had them put Whisper up for adoption; she was bugged to not be able to leave the flat to “go potty”, so listening to her whining constantly was starting to really annoy me.
So this is the layout of their new apartment! I’ll spare you all the screenshots as I’ve been moving houses a lot lately, but this place is so much bigger!
I’m sad they’re missing their balcony, but it’s worth it to have the extra space for the two girls.
Jade’s also started recording videos now with the drone; it’s the best way to make videos of whatever the currently trending topics are.
And of course, we can’t move house without having our friends come to visit!
Jeff Winchester, serving looks since 2018.
With the impending end of their rotation, I decided I was going to age the babies up early; I learned enough from visiting the Hendrick twins – apparently Sims are incapable of looking after babies when they’re out in the time stream!
So meet the two little girls; red haired Rosa, and brown haired Lilly! Using the new randomiser button (AT LAST!), Rosa is a fussy toddler, and Lilly is a clingy toddler.
They’re both super fucking cute.
Aspiration Summary;
Lacie; Stage 3 of Master Mixologist, two tasks to complete
Jade; Stage 1 of World Famous Celeb, one task to complete
Rosa; N/A
Lilly; N/A

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