Friday, June 28, 2019

Rotation Six; Delware

Finally, I’m adding my newest household to the rotation list; Katy Delware.
She’s been hanging around the neighbourhood for a while – since I got Get Famous, in fact – but it’s only now that I decided to add her in as a household.
She is Self Assured, Ambitious, and Friendly. She is my little actress, my way to test out the acting career and fame aspect of Get Famous – aka the entire pack. I’m not sure why I didn’t decide to play her until now, but here we are.

I moved her into the now-empty 17 Culpepper house,  the smallest apartment in the building, and while I did steal the layout from a screenshot on Google, I’m actually pretty impressed with myself on how big I made this apartment seem.

Katy’s a cute little bean, who spends her first day just milling around in the tiny apartment while I admire my decorating skills.

It turns out that while she was running around in the time stream, Katy had managed to befriend Moira Fyres, the leader of the Garden Gnomes club. I missed the popup, but it was she who invited Katy out to the flea market.
As always, whoever invited my sim was not actually there.

She met a few people, before setting up an audition for herself. It was recommended that she be around level 2 in the fitness skill, so obviously she hit up the basketball court for a little while to build that skill.

Lacie shows up for all of thirty seconds, presumably to lecture Katy on her poor form and tell her what she was supposed to be doing.

I missed yet another popup (I’m trying to get better at capturing those, because I’ll forget exactly why or what’s going on otherwise), but someone – probably Moira again – invited Katy out to a bar. She met a few of the hot ladies, but otherwise nothing particularly notable happened.

“Hey, I know I only met you for like five minutes down at the flea market, but wanna work out?”
Lacie’s an absolute monster, I tell you.

Though, I think in this case, the desire to work out is a ruse. Lacie spends all of two minutes doing sit ups on the floor, before the pair of them bust out books and sit down together to read.

Within the space of a few minutes, Lacie leaves and comes back to simply hangout.

Katy is also working on the same thing that Jade currently is; becoming famous by uploading videos to the internet. I’d have liked to have only one of the girls working on this particular hobby, but it’s a fun way to raise fame so it’s fine.

It’s Katy’s first day as a “real” actress!

And it turns out the hairdresser is blind. How reassuring.
I really need to find and remove those contacts; the blind ones and the demon ones – they keep showing up on the townies.

This is the best costume I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Katy’s first day as a “real” actress actually just has her standing on stage and pretending to be a giant alien bunny creature. Who knew!

She also stayed on set after filming was done, because she needed some of that sweet, sweet, probably lukewarm pizza.
Turns out Katy is secretly Joey Tribbiani.

Katy lives a life of poor person luxury – talking to a video camera and bathing in rose petals, and being a horrible, horrible cook.

Dear god, she’s a truly horrible cook!
The idiot manages to set herself on fire while attempting to make lunch, and Tara and Lacie coming running in to be extraordinarily unhelpful.

Because being set on fire is the perfect way to get your blood pumping before a workout.

Or a fake workout, anyway.

And again, Lacie leaves and comes back, still wanting to read.

Missing yet another damn popup, Katy’s invited out by another one of her time stream friends, who also happens to be one of my sims – Millie Walters.
Invited out to the Planet Honey Pop renovation, by Heather!

They’re fairly good friends already, so after a round of karaoke and arcade games, I had Katy give her a flat key just to encourage them to actually become friends.

While she was out, we bumped into Best Paraneighbour Andy. Katy, ever the oblivious, did not seem to figure out that the green skinned, green haired lady with the giant pointy ears was an alien, but hopefully there will be time for that later.
I hope that Katy will managed to intermingle herself with the Pararneighbours and the Hot Ladies, and not end up being a recluse who’s only friend is the weird gardener lady made by EA.

Speaking of the weird gardener lady made by EA, she shows up on Katy’s doorstep feeling sad, so Katy invites her in for some comfort.

She’s later invited out to a night rave by Rosie – another person she befriended in the time stream – except it’s pissing it down so it’s a very poor affair.

A few people show up, but by this point Katy’s tired and wet and hungry, so I ship her off home because she has another scene to film tomorrow.

Making more friends on set; this guy appears to be called Kengo in her relationship panel, but after a quick google he’s just some random guy from the time stream that’s had a very strange name slapped upon him.

Not a bad look for you, actually, dumbo.

Aaaaand she breaks the set.
But still manages to smash the job!

Rosie invites her out to the… something festival? Judging by the flowers I’d say romance festival, but that doesn’t seem right somehow.

Either way, the only thing of note that actually happens down at the festival is that Katy runs into Hanna! Hanna, who appears to be selling paintings at the festival – we buy one, which turns out to be this utterly adorable little octopus!

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