Thursday, March 7, 2019

Rotation Three; Lacie

Oh, what a surprise! Lacie's dancing as soon as I switch to her household.

I also totally skipped over the fact that she actually completed her aspiration during the last rotation! We're now onto Master Mixologist, so we're basically just screwing around with the bar for the entire first day.

I also do not trust these girls alone with those babies out in the time stream, so I'm going over to check them.

Lacie, on the other hand, has other ideas.

Alec is putting on a rare show in the third rotation, he's finally ventured outside of his apartment to see who else is in the building. 

Only took him nearly two years.

There's a fight out on the street, which Lacie is super interested in watching.

She shoots some hoops while she's down there, because any excuse to workout is the best kind of excuse in Lacie's book.

We're off to the gym to try and meet some people, and there's loads!

It's a party here. Also including Hanna, for some random reason.

With the lack of young or single sims hanging around in the San Myshuno gym, she goes to the gym in Willow Creek instead.

And Hanna's here too????


Jeff: I heard my bros were here.

We've been home and munching a sandwich all of thirty seconds before Tara's waltzing on in. Never mind that it's like 7pm and Lacie's totally exhausted!

Lacie goes to bed and Jeff comes on in too.

Andy here to join the party!

Lacie's sound asleep and giving no shits, but the BroSquad are still here to party.

Lacie wakes up and angrily cleans the house.

Jeff it's 8am.

Lacie: Jeff. Please. I'm about to have company.

Summer: Hiii~!

Jeff: Want me to wingman for you, bro?

Lacie is not super into this party, but instead into flirting with Summer.

Apparently active sims can fight?? And it's a good thing?

Either way, they had fun.

Honestly, this is just getting weird now.

Miko gives no shits.

Honestly, these guys are so noisy.

8:30am like clockwork.

I decided to ignore Jeff, and instead send Bros Before Clothes off to the gym!

Tara immediately leaves, swiftly followed by Jeff, but Hanna appears.

Apparently neither of the gym bros want to workout, but Hanna does.

Summer's here, so Lacie spends some time bonding and hanging out together.

Of all the people?? I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know anyone!

Lacie probably gets on the best with the Paraneighbours, they're always coming over to hangout with her. Jeff, obviously, is her Best Bro, but Andy seems to really like her too.

That's not day!

Also, I'm getting a bug where whichever place they say they're going is not where they end up going.

Summer leaves really fast, and Lacie ends up having a terrible time with a ghost and a suit of armour.

Apparently, though, Summer wants a do-over.

There were so many people around that they ended up having a really bad date and putting their relationship into the red.

It was romance day, or whatever it's called, so they exchanged a tulip back and forth, and then I asked Summer to move in.

I gave her a cute little makeover, still trying to fix this relationship.

I actually really like her makeover, she looks super cute.

It's a Hot Ladies Association gathering!

Lacie tries some terrible comedy, which even her Best Bro Jeff is not best impressed by.

Who's looking out after your kids!?

Lacie, standing behind the bar making drinks, is actually hitting on Jade in the pink/purple shirt in the micdle there?

And she was really into her.

Sorry, Summer.

They go on a date in the wet and rainy park, and manage to have a really good time.

And just like that, Lacie has a girlfriend and a roommate.

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